Frederick Wiseman on DVD

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully December 20, 2007 at 4:06AM

Frederick Wiseman on DVD

Cinephiles rejoice! After wishing, hoping, and praying for what feels like centuries, the impossible dream has become a glorious reality. Yes, it's true. The films of Frederick Wiseman are finally available for purchase on DVD! Why haven't I read anything about this anywhere? I had to be alerted to it by none other than Ronald Bronstein. But where are all the critics and bloggers? This is a Major Cultural Event, people, one that should be causing raucous celebrations online and offline, inside and outside, here, there, and everywhere. If you love filmmaking, this is officially the greatest news ever!

Single films are selling for $34.95, and while they don't appear to contain any special features, that shouldn't deter you. I personally wouldn't have it any other way (though a blooper reel from STATE LEGISLATURE does sound appealing). Go to the Zipporah Films website for some last minute holiday shopping, or treat yourself right and start buying away. I confess that I've only seen around ten of Wiseman's films, but what I've seen invigorates me in a rare, beautiful way. HIGH SCHOOL is in my top fifteen of all-time. And in JUVENILE COURT, there is a scene that I consider to be one of the greatest exchanges ever committed to celluloid. After getting to see PRIMATE and MODEL on the big screen earlier this year, I'm convinced that the man has never made a bad film. Every second of Frederick Wiseman's work is fascinating and humane.

You're welcome.

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