By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully June 15, 2007 at 8:27AM


I saw Flight of the Conchords last night at the Gramercy Theatre. Strange stumbling into a minor phenomenon without having known anything about it previously. They were very funny. This Sunday night their series premieres on HBO. You can find out more information and watch the entire first episode right here. I quite enjoyed it. The charming Jemaine Clement can also be seen this weekend on the big screen in EAGLE VS. SHARK, which opens in New York (and beyond?). This guy is definitely on the fast track to stardom.

I have $13.03 in my checking account. This weekend should be rockin'. It's funny how when it comes to a cash only world, I'm on par with a homeless, shit-stained hobo, drooling over the thought of a slice of pizza. But if I decide to go to a nicer restaurant that takes plastic, I'm a mack daddy pimp and money is not an option. This is the exact mentality that credit card companies want in a customer. Though I used to be completely responsible when it came to breaking out my Visa, now I simply don't care. The only thing to do in a hopeless situation is live the driggy-driggy-dream. I am going to be a dead pile of bones one day. But while I am living and breathing, if my stomach yearns for sushi, that's what it's gonna get, goddamn it!

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