Friday in Boston

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully April 28, 2007 at 3:54AM

Friday in Boston

Another fun day in Boston yesterday. I finally caught up with DAY NIGHT DAY NIGHT, which I really liked. I have a strange take on the Times Square footage, though. I know it was virtually impossible not to have people looking in the camera/at Luisa Williams, but I couldn't help but bring my nerdy filmmaker eye to those scenes and it was all that I could see, which completely distracted me from the actual drama of the film itself. But aside from that, I thought it was very effective and affecting. I hope aspiring terrorists don't stumble into this film, because it seems like a pretty simple how-to on how to fuck shit up in a major way.

After that, I caught an incredibly fun double-bill of Matthew Lessner's short film, BY MODERN MEASURE, and Reg Harkema's MONKEY WARFARE. BY MODERN MEASURE could very well be my number one cinematic revelation of 2007. This is what short films should be. A smart, funny idea executed to perfection. As for MONKEY WARFARE, I also loved it. Don McKellar's performance made me feel like I was watching Elliott Gould in THE LONG GOODBYE. Charisma for days. And the fact that they shot this film on the Panasonic DVX-100A is incomprehensible to me. Granted, they used 35mm lenses, but I still can't believe it. To festival programmers out there, track down Matthew to get a copy of BY MODERN MEASURE! You're program is sadly lacking if you don't program this short film.

Once again, movies got in the way and last night's party was over before I even had a chance to make an appearance. The same thing's going to happen tonight. Which is fine by me. My days of true alcoholica are long gone. At this stage in the SJ tri-festival jaunt, sleep is a more appealing concept than anything else.

Damian Lahey arrived at about 2am last night for a COCAINE ANGEL meeting that we have tomorrow morning. Look out Boston, here he comes!

Today brings AUDIENCE OF ONE, THEGOODTIMESKID, and our very own SJ screening at the Coolidge. Oh yeah, and a panel at 12:30. Myself, Joe, David, Ashley, and someone else (sorry, but I'll know who you are after we're finished) will be discussing "The Realities of Independent Filmmaking." I hope I don't scare aspiring filmmakers away. I'll try to be as gentle as possible.

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