Friday in the Low Country

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully November 18, 2005 at 12:49AM

Friday in the Low Country

Yesterday was quite productive. My first color choice was actually okayed by Colleen! Not even much touching up needed. Today is the kitchen and perhaps the computer room. I might actually have this whole fucker painted when I leave here Wednesday morning. Just in time to rush back to Maryland and... paint some more.

Rakim said: "It ain't where ya from, it's where ya at." I say: "It ain't how ya look, it's how ya act."

Watched MYSTERIOUS SKIN last night, which I give three stars. Nice performances, but the low-budget aspect kinda shined through a tiny bit too much production value-wise. Glad I was never molested by any coaches/priests/whoevers. If so, I'd probably be snorting crank and boning some greasy trucker in a South of the Border bathroom right now, instead of painting my sister's house. I have enough issues already, thank ya very much.

Yesterday's Painting Playlist:

Eels "Blinking Lights and Other Revelations" (This is quickly becoming a desert island classic for me. Almost all of it is truly superior.)
M. Ward "Transistor Radio" (Can't get enough of this one.)
Stephen Malkmus "Face the Truth" (Man, I hate to be a dick, but is it just me or is does this record sound completely flat and irrelevant? Excluding one track near the end, it sounded like he was being forced to sing into the microphone.)
Mountain Goats "Tallahassee" (In small doses, I dig this guy. In large doses, he gets a teensy bit grating.)
Anders Parker "Tell it to the Dust" (Really good stuff.)
A Tribe Called Quest "Midnight Marauders" (MOTHERFUCK YES.)
Elliott Smith "From a Basement on the Hill" (I don't know why this record wasn't received more glowingly than it was. I feel like it slipped under the radar. Why is that?)

I think I'm going to cave and check out WALK THE LINE this weekend. My bar is sufficiently lowered, don't worry...

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