Friday Mega-Mix

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully June 30, 2006 at 5:07AM

Friday Mega-Mix

Driving home from kickball tonight (our team was off this week so I refereed instead), a bug splattered against my windshield. Only it wasn't just an ordinary bug. It was a lightning bug! The light glowed limply for a few moments before it faded out completely. My life is officially more complete since witnessing that beautifully tragic moment.

I may be a cancer, but apparently I don't have it just yet. The mole that was removed from my arm was benign like a muhfucka. Though I would bet all of my debt that cancer is going to bring me down at some point. Just not this year.

I have to say, I found NACHO LIBRE to be a breezy, entertaining ride, if a tad one-note. However, just before it officially wore out its welcome, the filmmakers were smart enough to return to Nacho's stupendously exhilarating theme song, "Religious Man," which opens the film and is heard throughout. It's a lost gem from the '70s, performed by a band named Mr. Loco. I don't want to go overboard here, but for me this song elevated the movie to must-see status. Without it, I guarantee you that I would have walked out of the theatre feeling ultra-disappointed. But with it, I actually felt something for the movie. Though, as I said, I think it was just the song. Like, if the screen had been black and they played the song three times and then I walked out of the theatre twelve minutes later, I have a hunch I would have felt the exact same level of emotion. Which sounds like a dis to the filmmakers, but it's not. It's a sincere compliment to their ingenuity in finding this giddily catchy track. It might be better to discover the song for yourself by hearing it in the actual movie, but if you aren't planning on seeing it anytime soon then you need to go here and download it right now:

Speaking of music, I'd like to thank my good buddy Ben Crum for pointing me in the direction of the new Vetiver record, "To Find Me Gone," which is really, really great. It's like "Electr-O-Pura"-era Yo La Tengo, or if E from Eels made a folk record, or something like that. Yet another album to add to the pile of top notch shit in 2006. I think you can stream it here (though you should probably buy/download it):

I'm going to take an early lunch tomorrow to watch the second half of Germany/Argentina, which promises to be a great match. Then I have to skip out of work by about 3:30 to get ready for a friend's wedding, where I get to sport the brand new suit my parents got me for my birthday. 32 years old and I just bought my first suit. Pathetic. Actually, 32 years old and I just had my first suit bought for me. Even more pathetic...

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