God, I Have Cool Friends

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully June 17, 2011 at 3:58AM

God, I Have Cool Friends

As I woke up this morning with fuzzy memories of smiling and laughing at last night's BAMcinemaFEST party with so many talented, important, influential friends (I'm talking filmmakers, film critics, programmers, you name it), it hit me: God, I am cool. The only reason I started this blog and took the position as head writer/editor at Hammer to Nail... well, there are two reasons, actually: 1) To let the world know just how cool I am; and 2) To use my position of influence to write exclusively about my friends' films and tell the world how great they are (this of course reinforces my own state of coolness). To put it more bluntly: I don't love movies; I love bragging about my social life.

As for being a filmmaker, I only make movies so that I can be a card-carrying member of the exclusive "indie cinema" club. It's such an easy, relaxing process to make low-budget feature films that I figure it makes sense to bang out one every couple years just so I can describe myself as a "filmmaker" at parties. If you could only see how the most jaded of eyes become transfixed and melt into awed and admiring globes when you tell someone that you're an indie filmmaker, you might consider slapping an indie film together yourself. Then maybe you'll be cool enough to become friends with me.

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