Goodbye, Maryland... And Other Assorted Goodies

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully August 1, 2006 at 4:26AM

Goodbye, Maryland... And Other Assorted Goodies

Maryland, oh Maryland, you will always have a place in my heart, you will always be my home, I will always be one with you, but I must leave you once again. But don't worry, I'm bringing my watered down mid-Atlantic accent back to Brooklyn with me to remind everyone from where I come. I couldn't abandon you if I tried. And believe me, I've tried.

Are you ready for me New York City? I know I've been talking smack about you, saying I'm "over you" and things like that. For the record, I was just kidding! I love you, I really do. Just don't make me temp in a midtown cubicle to pay the rent, forcing me to start drinking excessively on weeknights to numb the pain, causing me to waste months and even years of my wonderful life. I feel like I've finally reached a place where I won't give in to that temptation, but just in case, to everyone who knows me, if I start acting like that, send me back to Maryland on the next Chinatown bus asap.

Lots of scattered things to address, so let's get to it...

I arrived to see my good buddies Of Montreal in Falls Church, Virginia Saturday night, only to find a fucking TOUR BUS parked out back. I only made it to the show just before they went on (I caught an early evening screening of "Blue Velvet" at the AFI Silver), so I didn't get to meet up with them until after they'd rocked the crowd of screaming, giddy fans. No one is more deserving of rock star status than Kevin Barnes, who is a true musical genius and a great, great person. And while it was hard to fathom the whole tour bus situation (apparently Hootie had been on it before they took over), the ultimate lesson is that if you stay focused and true to yourself, good things will happen. Of course, being a musical genius definitely helps to get you there, but still. They deserve all the success that's coming to them.

Speaking of success, I'm sure most of you are already aware of this, but I miraculously made the cut and was chosen as one of Filmmaker Magazine's "25 New Faces of Independent Film" for the year 2006. Bizarre, I know. For those of you out there who think I am an inappropriate inclusion, I understand your frustration. But there's nothing we can do about it now except accept it, so let's just do that and move on.

In all seriousness, it's a thrill to be mentioned in the same breath as so many great talents. I am fortunate enough to know a handful of names on the list. I've said it before and I'll say it again, "The Last Romantic" is a brilliant gem that should be seen by everyone. Aaron and Adam Nee pulled off a minor miracle. Scott Macaulay's write-up captures my exact feelings about why it's so unexpectedly successful (add to that his "Miami Vice" summary from last night and I want to hire Mr. Macaulay to speak for me on a full-time basis, for he's expressing my feelings better than I ever could). John Maringouin's "Running Stumbled" is one of the most visceral motion pictures you will ever experience (that's a bold statement, but talk to me after you've watched it and tell me I was wrong). Linas Phillips' "Walking to Werner" is an exhilarating treat that will make you laugh, smile, and feel. Lars Knudsen and Jay Van Hoy are off and running, and I pray that I will one day work with them (seriously, I want to make a movie with you guys--it'll be really good, I promise!). Todd Rohal sings some dangerously lukewarm karaoke, and sets off illegal fireworks in the parking lot of random korean barbecue restaurants in Northern Virginia. Alex Karpovsky wears hotel robes like it's Fashion Week in Pensacola. And on and on and on.

As for the article itself, I promise you I didn't pay Jason Sanders to write such breathtakingly poignant words about our scrappy little movie. He did it on his own. Thanks, Jason!

As for that picture of me, I have nothing against homoeroticism--I used to read Clive Barker, for chrissakes--but I wasn't swinging for that particular fence this time around, I really wasn't. It was a deadline and I had to submit something and that was as good as it got at that very moment.

But enough disclaiming. Go read the article!

In other news, I think I'm now forced into taking over Randy Kim's workload, as he's given HiFiNY a rest and doesn't update as much as he used to. He sent two links today that are both must-views.

The first is a new video from the band OK Go, who have somehow managed to top their previously great video by adding treadmills to the proceedings. If this had been shot on film it would be the greatest video ever made. Either way, it's still phenomenal...

The second is James Brown on a local newscast. In the words of Randy himself, "This is how all famous people should act"...

It's hard to fathom that I'll be a Brooklynite once again by noon tomorrow (I'm leaving earrrrrly in the morning). To be completely honest, my soul isn't telling me that I'm doing the right thing, but I'm doing it and that's the end of that. I can't wait to start working on "Jews in Israel" and see my friends, and hopefully find a way to make money that doesn't involve a cubicle. If anyone needs a helper, I'm your guy. I'll paint your apartment, I'll teach you how to play tennis, I'll write you a song, I'll cook you an omelette, I'll do whatever it takes. Just keep me out of a cubicle, damn it!

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