Happy 4th of July

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully July 4, 2008 at 4:22AM

Happy 4th of July

I am back on the mainland, I've just been too scattered to post (I need to take care of the blog that pays the rent first and foremost, if you know what I'm saying). Anyway, the trip to Kauai was magical and the Emergency Shyamalan Cleansing Seminar rejuvenated me as I hoped it would. If kayaking seventeen miles along the Na Pali coast in the raging Pacific while your partner is seasick and puking and then a giant wave capsizes the kayak sending both of you flailing into the water and your calf muscle starts cramping and you realize you're not wearing your life jacket... well, if that doesn't make you forget about The Happening for even a few harrowing moments, then nothing will. The trip itself was incredible. Kauai is easily the most beautiful place I have ever visited, and to visit it with the most beautiful person in the whole world made it an even more dreamy and momentous trip. I highly recommend all of you take the plunge at some point in your lives.

But back to the true purpose of this post. As a tribute to this very special day in United States history, I figured I should post the most American photo I've taken so far this year (credit goes to Ms. Holly Herrick for the actual discovery)...


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