Hot Date on a Tuesday Night

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully March 29, 2006 at 4:29AM

Hot Date on a Tuesday Night

I know I make it seem like I'm living a slow life here in Maryland, but fear not, loyal readers. It's only Tuesday and I just got back from a hot date! She's really great. Her name's Mary Ann, but I call her Mom. Her husband (or as I like to call him, Dad) wanted to join us, but he had to teach driver's ed before studying for his upcoming Spanish midterm. That guy's a total nerd.

Anyway, the night got off to a disappointing start when we showed up at our restaurant of choice, Red Lobster (seriously, I'm not being ironic here--I was dying for some Red Lobster), only to discover that it was completely mobbed. At 6pm on a Tuesday? Instead, we crossed the street and settled for BBQ at Famous Dave's, which turned my stomach from empty to full.

After dinner, we headed to the cheap theatre for GOOD NIGHT, AND GOOD LUCK, which I hadn't seen it since the NYFF press screening last September. I was hoping my initially positive reaction would be reaffirmed. I have to say, the film was even more impressive the second time around. Now that I've seen twice, I'm even more disappointed that no one seems to have mentioned the brilliance of Ray Wise's performance. The man is only in the film for four short scenes, and he somehow manages to create one of the most heartbreakingly sad characters I have ever seen. Hooray for Ray.

On to other matters.I don't know what happened, but it feels like someone cracked me in my left ass cheek with an aluminum baseball bat. Was it yesterday's caulking marathon? Or the twenty minutes of basketball in the driveway? Either one of those explanations is painfully weak, so I'll simply attribute it to old age and hope it goes away sooner than later.

Don't kill me, world, but I turned down a potentially unbelievable offer last night. Todd Rohal (director of the award-winning THE GUATEMALAN HANDSHAKE) and Danny McBride (comic genius from ALL THE REAL GIRLS and THE FOOT-FIST WAY) are flying to Holland for a week to shoot a short film for the Holland Tourism Board, and they both tried to get me to go to help out. I know what you're saying, because I'm saying it even louder. But they leave tomorrow morning, and I already have obligations that I can't back out of, so I had to decline. Sorry, Todd!

What could possibly be more pressing than spending a week in Holland with Todd, Danny, and a video camera? Good question. The thing is, I'd been planning to make a return to NYC this weekend (for the first time since early October--yikes!) to attend Jesse Sweet's bachelor party. But something else has come up in New York that is too impossibly cool to believe or even discuss until I can say that it actually happened. All I'll say is that you should get ready for Monday's update, at which point I'll hopefully share the exciting details and make you guys jealous as shit of my ridiculously fortunate life.


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