IFFBoston: Day Three

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully April 22, 2006 at 2:54AM

IFFBoston: Day Three

Pictures... are... coming... I... promise... I... just... need... to... get... the... camera cable... from... Todd...

Aside from a major time slot screw-up on my part, yesterday was another smooth success. I spent the early afternoon at the Marlowe with Alex, who gave me a thorough and absorbing breakdown on his next project, which is absolutely fascinating. Our first objective of the day was to attend Rory and Robin Muir's DOWNTOWN LOCALS at 5:45pm, so we weren't really pressed. But then Todd called on his way to the hotel and we decided to wait for him. It wasn't until we were stuck in traffic at 5:50pm that we realized we weren't going to make the screening. And then Todd looked at the schedule and informed us that the film had actually started at 5:15pm. Whoops. My fault entirely. I had gotten their screenings mixed up. 5:45pm is today's. Needless to say, I felt like a jerk. Todd and I can make today's screening, but that was Alex's one chance to check it out. Sorry, Alex.

After that debacle, Adam, Alex, Todd and I went back to Redbones for another impossibly glorious meal. Former Somerville resident Dave Hodgson recommended I go there on Thursday (you wasn't lyin', dogg!), which I did. My life will never be the same again. I plan to go today as well. Pulled pork, mac and cheese, broccoli, and okra... I can't describe the tingles it brings.

I then caught the 8:30pm screening of Joe Swanberg's LOL (in conjunction with Chris Wells and Kevin Bewersdorf). I have to say, it didn't really reach a higher level for me until the third act, when the characters became outright disgusting (boyfriends more worried about their laptops than their sweet, sweet girlfriends). I think Joe's intention was not to make some sort of commentary about modern technology, and I commend that in theory. But in actuality, the film felt too unfocused me to me until it took a proactive stance and made its characters downright shameful. That's when it really started to say something (albeit a very uncomfortable, icky something). Regardless, for three grand, it's quite an impressive achievement.

After that, we jetted to the Friday night party, which was fun, but a tiny bit too short (over at 12:30???). The bar next door had a major festival-aversion, not to mention the fact that a bunch of people split, so I took the 1:30 shuttle home.

Today promises to be great fun with screenings all day long (something called COCAINE ANGEL at 8:45pm--heard that's pretty interesting), as well as another party tonight.

I promise pictures will be up sooner than later.

That said, I feel a strange wave of cyclical sadness approaching and I really think I need to curb the incessant blogging once next month's festivals end. Of course, that will pass, but for now, I feel like a total dork. But don't worry, Adam, I'll keep blogging away from Boston!

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