IFFBoston: Opening NIght

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully April 20, 2006 at 7:13AM

IFFBoston: Opening NIght

You know the world might actually like you when you miss your flight and end up stumbling into an even better situation. After arriving at Logan Airport at almost 1pm earlier today, I experienced my first ever car ride in a hybrid--which was quite lovely.

But not nearly as lovely as the Hotel Marlowe in Cambridge. I feel like I got mixed up with some important guy and they gave me his room. This place is a*m*a*z*i*n*g. Which leads me to tonight's shameful confession...

I left my camera in the room. I could have had some stellar pics, and I promise that it will, but it didn't happen tonight. But it will, don't worry.

What did happen tonight was that I finally got to see Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden's HALF NELSON. This is the kind of movie that I was born to watch, so I feel too slanted to be objective. But I will say that Ryan Gosling's performance has only made me like him even more, and I've always liked him. He's just got that thing that totally works on me (and I'm not even gay, you know what I'm sayin'???).

After the film, we wandered about fifty feet away for tonight's opening night party at Orleans, which was really nice. Not overbearing or cocky or anything like that. I connected with Alex (www.theholestoryfilm.com), who introduced me to Andrew Bujalski. He's a nice guy. He's heading to Portugal (Lisboa) tomorrow. That's the only excuse I would accept as to why he's not seeing our unbelievably brilliant movie! I also met a few SXSW alumni whose films I am going to see this weekend fo' sho' (LOL, THE LAST ROMANTIC).

I'm falling asleep at this very moment. I just wanted to say that after meeting Adam and Jason, my initial suspicions have been confirmed. This fest is fucking COOL. I can't believe I'm here for almost a whole week. Whatever I did to deserve this, I'll take it. But, man, I really don't know if I'm the right guy...

In even better IFFBoston news, check out this amazingly candid GreenCine daily interview with the one and only Todd Rohal about THE GUATEMALAN HANDSHAKE. It's top-notch shite:


More to come tomorrow, but for now... I must... sleeeeeeep....

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