IFP Narrative Lab 2008

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IFP Narrative Lab 2008

Congratulations to those selected to participate in this week's IFP Narrative Lab. There's one name I'm particularly excited to see. I wonder if you can guess who it is...

At The Foot Of The Tree - Alfie, a freckle faced eleven year old boy, seeks heartfelt and poetic revenge for the beating of his father. Ricky Shane Reid (Director, Writer); Kelly Jo Reid (Producer, Actress); Gregory Singer (Co-Producer, 2nd DP, Editor)

Good Intentions - Meet Etta Milford: Loving Wife...Doting Mother....Armed Robber. Jim Issa (Director); Pamela Peacock (Producer); Richard Sampson (Producer)

How Would You Feel? Vol. 1-7 - Centering on the story of a young man and woman, friends whose relationship is perpetually teetering at the edge of platonic and romantic, this experimental narrative explores the ambiguity of their rapport and is consistently fed by the inhibiting melodrama of their individual romantic pasts and present. Terence Nance (Director, Producer, Writer, Editor); Yvonne Shirley (Editor); Vincent Wheeler (Sound Designer)

The Mountain Thief- A father and son escape their war-torn village in the Philippines to seek refuge in a town called Little Hope, a community of scavengers. Gerry Balasta (Director, Writer); Desireena Almoradie (Producer)

Mr. Sadman - In 1990, before the First Gulf War, a Saddam Hussein body-double loses his job and moves to Los Angeles in search of a new start. Patrick Epino (Director, Writer); Cindy Fang (Producer)

Periphery - Four college-bound kids take a road trip to Mexico and find themselves caught up in a pharmaceutical drug smuggling operation that goes wrong. Duane Allen Humeyestewa (Director, Producer, Writer); Deepa Donde (Producer, Writer);

Sorry, Thanks - Kira has no attachments. Max has a girlfriend. Sometimes love is a happy accident, sometimes pure disaster. Mostly: love means having to say you're sorry. Dia Sokol, (Director, Writer); Lauren Veloski (Producer, Writer); Jennifer Lilly (Editor)

St. Nick - A brother and sister run away from home and try to start a new life, free from adults, all on their own. David Lowery (Director, Writer, Editor); James M. Johnston (Producer); Adam Donaghey (Executive Producer)

A Thing As Big As The Ocean - Two Hurricane Katrina survivors leave New Orleans and travel west into the desert, where their mutual quietness is overwhelmed by a world of possibilities. Joseph Cashiola (Director, Producer, Writer); Jeff Harms (Producer, Actor); Nathan Duncan (Editor)

We Are The Mods - High school loner, Sadie, befriends the wild new girl, Nico, and together they explore sex, drugs and rock and roll by embracing 1960's British Mod Culture in present day California. E. E. Cassidy (Director, Writer, Producer); Robert Poswall (Producer, DP); Daniel Gabbe (Editor)

Zero Bridge - In occupied Kashmir, where every day is about survival, a petty criminal's last chance at escape is threatened when he faces a moral crisis. Tariq Tapa (Director, Writer, DP, Editor)

More information about the labs and mentors can be found here. Now make some good movies, people!

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