I'm Back--Sort Of

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully August 19, 2004 at 8:23AM

I'm Back--Sort Of

So, I thought that I'd turn 30, throw away my mid-20s baggage, and everything would start falling into place. Instead, I'm back at the office I left two months ago, and I can't have four beers without needing two days to recover. Adulthood... it's fantastic.

Though it could be worse. The job is only temporary (6-8 weeks), it pays more, and it's actually a fun assignment (I get paid to play the "if you liked this movie you'll like these three movies" game--pretty cool).

As for the summer, who cares about what I did. Here's a brief recap of recent trips to the cinema...

"Before Sunset" -- A truly remarkable achievement. They actually pulled it off. Honest and depressing, but in a good way. But, man, o-u-c-h.

"The Village" -- Hands down, the most mentally retarded film in the history of cinema. I'm giving you one more chance, Night. After that, I'm crossing over to the other side with the non-believers.

"Open Water" -- Pretty cool. I got genuine chills at one point, and appreciated the less is more approach.

I'm DJing (if you can really call it that) at 12" Bar tonight (Essex, just below Houston). 9-1. I go on at midnight. I'm playing some stupid fresh shit, so stop by and see if I'm still sober (five days and counting)...

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