I'm Back in NYC

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully December 30, 2004 at 2:53AM

I'm Back in NYC

Feels weird to be here. Think I was in Maryland for too long. A town without Slurpees... I don't know, man, I really don't. What else is there to live for? I'm sure I'll settle down in a day or two.

I miss my niece, goddamn it. Will be seeing her in a few weeks, when she turns two and my sister drops another niece/nephew into the real world. I'm hoping for a boy, which I want them to name either Dawad or Slurpee.

Watched Alan Clarke's "Elephant" last night for the first time. WOW. I'm now realizing how our best directors create such original works. Every one of them is heavily inspired by another director (David Gordon Green and Malick, Van Sant and Clarke/Tarr, Lodge Kerrigan and the Dardenne Brothers, etc.), but they bring their own personalities into the mix to make works that seem wholly distinct. It really does seem like the best way to go about it, something I never previously considered for my own work.

Might go see "Million Dollar Baby" for myself today. I was NOT a fan of "Mystic River," but I hear he pulls it off in this one. We shall see...

(Oh, and I imagine that everyone who bothers to read this site is also well aware of HiFiNy, but in case you aren't, check out Randy's Top 10 MP3s of 2004: www.hifiny.com)

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