I'm Back Online

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully March 10, 2005 at 5:25AM

I'm Back Online

So, my roommate must not have paid the internet bill for a few months and we've been suspended. Fortunately, my downstairs neighbors have wireless and they've allowed me to tap into their power source. Sorry for the silence, dear, desperate reader, but I'm back. Here we go...

--Press screenings have begun for the 2005 New Directors/New Films series. I will be publishing my reviews for each film closer to their actual public premieres. I've decided to go Netflix style this time around, using a 5-star rating system in addition to providing a 200-ish word summary. So far, the films have only been sorta good. But I will withhold judgment until I have seen everything.

--I'm DJing for an hour or so at Thursday night's No Data (www.nodata.dj) at 12" Bar on the Lower East Side. Have a lot of things on tap and not enough time, but it should be fun either way. I will be playing R. Kelly's new MASTERPIECE, "Sex in the Kitchen," which is worth the (free) price of admission alone. Don't know when I'm on, but it'll be between 9 and 1.

--Maryland plays at noon tomorrow. The fucking PLAY-IN game to make it to Friday's quarterfinals--like, say HUH??? to make a pathetic situation even more pathetic, they have to play Clemson, who fucking SWEPT THEM in the regular season. dear God, what did i do to deserve this?

--i just finished reading "Solos" by Kitty Burns Florey, which is a major achievement, written in a deceptively minor key. i haven't read anything that has managed to capture the multi-faceted beauty (and beast-y) of Williamsburg with such clarity, grace, and tenderness. i can only hope to one day create such a thoughtful, engaging, and poignant work. i suggest seeking out this book and treating yourself. it's like an exceptionally tasty dinner, from appetizer to dessert. good, good, good, good stuff. (www.kittyburnsflorey.com)

--in preparation for my trip to Jacksonville in April and May in order to direct my first feature film (more on that later), i have begun to read "Cassavetes on Cassavetes." hopefully i will learn something, as i have no idea what i am doing (but don't tell anybody that). anyone in and around the Jacksonville area who is interested in helping out or offering lots of money or doing anything, drop me a line. we especially need two late-20-something females that can really act. if you know of anyone, drop me another line.

--i've also started Tom Perrotta's "Little Children," which, after only 20 pages, is shaping up to be as fucking awesome as that short story all of you should have read by now.

--there is no need to see "The Jacket," with the exception of the "falling in love" theme music (compliments of Brian Eno?), which is played three times in the film. when that music is coming out of the speakers, the film reaches another plane. when it is not, the film hasn't even boarded the plane.

that is all for now. i think...

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