I'm Leaving, Damn It

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully November 4, 2004 at 7:31AM

I'm Leaving, Damn It

I said I'd do it if it happened. Well, it happened. I'm leaving. I hope you'll join me.

Actually, I'm just going to Maryland for the month to eat my wonderful parents' food, play with my wonderfuller niece, and work with my bro-in-law painting houses (manual labor--what a novel concept). That way I'll be able to come back here in early December and really not feel any pressure to work. At least for a few months. By then, the bidding war for "Ping-Pong Summer" will have begun and I will finally be able to get that ball rolling once and for all. (And, no, I'm not kidding.)

To all the "flee the country" folks (not calling you out Rabbi, though I did just read your post), I hope you all realize that "leaving America" isn't really going to solve anything. The whole fucking world is under the influence of this goddamn country! You can't escape it, and running away is just another way of conceding to the powers-that-be. I say we stay here and continue to appreciate what we've got--while we've got it--and really start to think about how we can make a change. I know that it seems hopeless in light of what has just happened (didn't we just think we'd made our change???), but it's the only way that this situation will be resolved. And, also, befriend as many non-Americans as possible to prove that we're different.

All I ask is that maybe everyone tries to chill out on the name calling and the "Bush is an Idiot" logic, because I have to agree with my stubborn, narrow-minded mother in one instance. Perhaps Michael Moore's rather brash, arrogant approach did more harm than good. She's convinced that his film helped to convert on-the-fence people into pro-Bushies, and the more that I think about it, the more that I agree with her. As I wrote months ago on this very "weblog" (don't ask me to use the b-word), I thought "Fahrenheit 9/11" completely dropped the ball and preached to the choir. The man should have stayed out of the way and let humanity take over. But he didn't. Not that I expected anything less.

Not to get all Gandhified on your asses, but seriously, remain positive. If confronted with ignorance, don't knee-jerk back. That only makes it worse. That just keeps the line divided.

This country is fucked. We need more parties than just two. As egotistical as Nader is, he's probably laughing in his sleep right now. He sure told me so. Next time, I don't care who the third party is, I'm voting for it/him/her. Taking the "lesser of two evils" approach didn't work out this time. We need to get revolutionary on some honky asses.


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