Kindergarten Days

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully November 12, 2004 at 5:09AM

Kindergarten Days

No offense to the powers-that-be at VH1, but I can't watch "Best Week Ever" anymore. I catch a two-second glimpse of Jessi Klein and the next four days of my life are spent daydreaming about the relationship that we'll never have. Pathetic.

Watched "Eternal Sunshine" twice in the past two days to reconfirm its genius and then reconfirm it again. I can't stop listening to Jon Brion's "Theme." I think my favorite movie moment of the year might be when Brion's "Row" begins and it starts raining indoors and Clementine puts the magazine on her head. Then it cuts to the flashback of little Joel and then my eyes begin to well and my heart begins to swell and I want to hug Michel Gondry. And give a handshake to Charlie Kaufman. And to think, I went into the theatre planning to be underwhelmed and disappointed. Shame on me.

Almost finished the Richard Yates biography. Jesus Christ. I had no idea. Does one truly have to be dangerously insane to be a brilliant artist? Yates certainly fits into that category. I implore all those unfamiliar with Yates's work to rush out to the nearest bookstore and pick up whatever titles they have. Probably "Revolutionary Road" and "The Collected Stories," but "The Easter Parade" and "A Good School" are just as vital and exhilarating.

The college basketball season "officially" got underway tonight. Praise Len Bias...

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