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Check out the trailer for the upcoming LARS AND THE REAL GIRL here, which has gotten some really strong advance buzz. When Paul told me that he scored this part and said the name of the film, I didn't believe him. Paul Schneider, Patricia Clarkson, "Real Girl"... it sounded crazy familiar. But that's how things go in this business. Coinkidinks like a mugg, yo.

Speaking of Paul, he's in the process of directing his first feature, which he also wrote, called PRETTY BIRD. Starring Paul Giamatti, Billy Crudup, and Emily Mortimer. I've read the script and can confirm that it is 100% Paul Fucking Schneider, and I mean that in the best way possible. If the assembled team can help him get his vision onto the screen, this is guaranteed to be a really fascinating film. Very uncomfortable and bitter, but still laugh-out loud funny. Think THE KING OF COMEDY more than anything else.

Following up on Monday's post, reviews from Tuesday night's test screening of PINEAPPLE EXPRESS have posted at Ain't It Cool News. The first one is somewhat critical, though I agree completely with the main three suggestions for trimming. And I love that someone has caught on to Danny's genius. This says it really well:

"The last thing I'll say is two words: DANNY MCBRIDE. Believe the hype ladies and gents. He's the real deal hollyfield. His humor is completely "left field" but the great thing is his delivery is too. He never stresses a joke or a line, it just keeps sliding out of him and he's already onto the next line and you're not even realizing how funny the shit he's saying is. I felt like watching the movie again just so I could watch his performance again cause I feel like I missed a ton."

It really is so subtle that one will need multiple viewings to grasp just how relentlessly funny he is. The film tested even better this time around and the studio is happy, so hopefully the finished product will contain the most outlandish, gruesome, and offensive material. I'd hate to see some of that lost because the ratings board and studio got in the way. The world needs more movies that capture the free-wheeling spirit of the '70s, and, in this case, the R-rated '80s as well. It's just a movie, everyone. Relax.

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