LOW AND BEHOLD at UCLA This Tuesday Night (May 29th)

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LOW AND BEHOLD at UCLA This Tuesday Night (May 29th)


This year's festival circuit has introduced me to some truly exceptional work. While it's depressing to realize that most of these films won't find an audience on the scale that they deserve, on the other hand it's inspiring nonetheless to know that there are individuals out there who are committed to making deeply personal, formally striking work. One of the finest examples of this is LOW AND BEHOLD, which I wrote about just before Sundance after it took my breath away and made me cry.

Directed by Zach Godshall, written by Godshall and Barlow Jacobs, and starring Jacobs, Eddie Rouse, and Robert Longstreet, LOW AND BEHOLD is a moving elegy to post-Katrina New Orleans that aches with sadness and loss. Godshall and Jacobs didn't simply set out to make a movie, they were compelled to pull out their cameras in order to document the tragic situation that continues to exist in New Orleans to this very day. Have any of you heard about or read anything relating to the rebuilding of New Orleans in the news recently? Their point exactly. And that's what makes LOW AND BEHOLD such a necessary, vital work, one that should be shown in classrooms, on television, and in theatres everywhere. If there is justice in this world, LOW AND BEHOLD will be coming to a big screen near you in the very near future. And if not, there's a chance to see it Tuesday night for those of you in Los Angeles. If you live in or around L.A., go see this movie!

Here are the details:

Tuesday May 29th 7:30pm @ James Bridges Theater in Melnitz Hall (on UCLA campus)
Brad Silberling will moderate the Q&A with Zack Godshall (Co-writer/Director) & Barlow Jacobs (Co-Writer/Actor/Producer)
The link to the UCLA Melnitz Movies Screening Series

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