Matt Dentler Dared Me To Blog This

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully May 12, 2007 at 7:45AM

Matt Dentler Dared Me To Blog This

Okay, so that isn't fair. That takes the pressure off. While I'd love to say that I was bored, alone, and randomly discovered this at 2am on a Friday night (seriously, I'd love to know what combination of search words would bring this video to the top of the pile), the truth is that I was pointed in its direction by someone whose name I won't mention right now (ahem, MATT DENTLER). So don't thank me, thank MATT DENTLER. Did I mention that I was forwarded this link by MATT DENTLER?

Back to the task at hand. I'd like to think this is just a harmless dose of heterosexual bonding. You know, some fraternity brothers gearing up for the coming weekend's attack on drunken undergrad females who are psyched to be the players in such a well-executed, supercool sexual assault! Because if it turns out to be what it could possibly be misconstrued as--yet another gaudy display of unchecked, raucous homoeroticism--well, that's just g-r-o-s-s.

R. Kelly, you ain't got nothing on these sexual dynamos. My personal favorite moment is when Pressure admires his own skills in the mirror as Satisfaktion unleashes his carnal fury on the poor, unsuspecting ottoman. Couch fucking... it's fan-tas-tic!

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