Monetary Shame

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully August 30, 2006 at 4:27AM

Monetary Shame

Tonight, rather than being creative and finishing PPS, I have been too distracted by my growling stomach. Instead of ping-pong, my mind has been overwhelmed with thoughts about money and why I don't have it and how downright shameful this makes me feel. I am not an idiot, yet somehow I am a grown man who can't afford to buy himself a slice of pizza. Okay, so maybe I am an idiot.

I know countless people who are in my predicament at this very moment, and the unfunny thing is that these are some of the most talented individuals you will ever meet. I also know many gifted souls who are working uneventful, yet monetarily fruitful, jobs, but they are also nowhere close to reaching their true potential as human beings (which, to be honest, makes me cringe harder than considering my own sorry state).

All of this is piling up on top of me and trying to make me a bitter, fed-up prick. But I'm not going to concede, no matter what. This just so happens to be an extreme wave of Yang. The truth is that my friend Yin is just around the corner, waiting to make me smile. And since this Yang is so severe, I can only imagine what Yin will bring.

So go ahead world. I dare you. Make me trip in front of a pretty girl. Splatter pigeon shit on my face. Steal my precious screenplay and video files. Tease and mock me at every waking moment, assuring me that I'll never be anything more than what I am at this very moment, broke, alone, and hungry, a well-intentioned, but pathetically useless, creature. I'll still wake up tomorrow morning, and I'll still laugh, and I'll still-still-still-still, still I will.





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