ND/NF Short Films

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully March 31, 2005 at 12:14AM

ND/NF Short Films

Okay, last entry with regards to ND/NF. Wish I had time to do a festival wrap-up/awards ceremony, but the aforementioned tornado is sweeping into town. So I can't. Be happy with what you got, you needy jerks.

Shorts are people too. Here are a few...

LA VIE D'UN CHIEN -- John Harden's ode to Chris Marker (most directly, LA JETEE) is stark, haunting, and hilarious. A scientist uncovers a formula that will allow humans to become dogs. No offense to the feature that this is pitted with (MILA FROM MARS), but I could have left after Harden's film and had a fully rewarding day at the cinema. (www.johnfilms.com)

THE RAFTMAN'S RAZOR -- Keith Bearden's short tells the story of two adolescents who become obsessed with a philosophical, minimalist comic. One hopes that Bearden gets enough money (and time) to make the feature film version of this short. It's a striking, impressive achievement. (Playing with the delightfully magnificent DUCK SEASON.)

ELEPHANTS NEVER FORGET -- Lorenzo Vigas Castes delivers an assured portrait of two children with revenge on their mind. Good shite, and a gooder calling card for Castes. (Playing with LIVE-IN MAID.)

THE GOSPEL OF THE CREOLE PIG -- Whoa. Michelange Quay's attack on Western society and its crippling of the Third World is a brutal, but rewarding, experience. I mean that in a good way. Not for the faint of heart (slaughtered pigs anyone? come and watch real smash disappearing down a toilet!), this is nonetheless vital (but, again, extremely challenging) viewing.

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