New Music To Make Your Life More Lovely (And Other Miscellaneous Goodies)

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully February 23, 2006 at 3:59AM

New Music To Make Your Life More Lovely (And Other Miscellaneous Goodies)

Dan Bejar is at it again. The new Destroyer record, "Destroyer's Rubies," is a feast for the ears. You can stream it for free at, and you should also visit for tour info. Unfortunately, he won't be playing SXSW, which sucks, as I don't think our stars will align this time around, but at least I have the new record to keep me going for quite some time.

Louis Schefano is also at it again. You can listen to the new EP, "Freakshow Revenge," at After confirming its brilliance, you can then purchase it from his website. I can't wait to get DAYDREAM off the ground. This September/October in NYC, it is going d-o-w-n, yo. That film is going to do for Louis what GOOD WILL HUNTING did for Elliott Smith, mark my words. I'm going to have a second draft finished by the end of April at the latest, at which point the whole crazy process begins again. Yippee.

In a bit of personal exposure, I'd like to point out Dennis Lim's Rotterdam wrap-up in the Voice. He was, in fact, the notable New York critic who I mentioned had attended our last screening, and I'm thrilled with his positive mention of our little movie. I owe him a big ol' MUCHAS GRACIAS AMIGO next time I see him...,lim,72264,20.html

In slightly sadder news, I have lost absolutely all spiritual, emotional, and even superficial connection to Maryland Terrapins basketball. I can't wait for this class to graduate. Some of the grandest underachieving I've witnessed since... myself during my 20s? I'm not even angry, though, which makes it even sadder. It's like they don't deserve my anger. Or perhaps it is I who have contributed to their lackluster behavior by being so ambivalent? Which came first, the cock or the cunt? Who knows. At least this will help make my SXSW experience less tumultuous, trying to balance games with COCAINE ANGEL priorities. Of course, I'll still have March Madness fever, but it will be of the more pleasurable 'innocent bystander' variety, which is where I'd rather be at this stage in my life.

Off to run some errands...