Next Monday Night, I AM A Curator

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully February 13, 2008 at 4:29AM

Next Monday Night, I AM A Curator

When you see Yeast (and you will see Yeast), the title of this post will make more sense to you. But enough about that.

Next Monday night, Joe Pacheco has asked me to curate a night of programming at the Brooklyn Independent Cinema Series. I decided that I'd like to put together a lineup of shorts that have really wowed me over the past several years. I'm calling it...

Michael Tully Presents "The Best Short Films of the 21st Century"

And if you think I'm being sarcastic or melodramatic or overly cocky with that program title, well, then, you must never have met me. Because I am as serious as an Emmy-winning soap opera.

Okay, in actual seriousness, I truly believe that this program presents an array of short films that are as exciting, inspiring, and exhilarating as the best features I've seen in recent years. Here is the lineup:

Matthew Lessner, By Modern Measure
Henrik Andersson, Weekend
David Lowery, A Catalog of Anticipations (the full triptych!)
Josh Safdie, We're Going to the Zoo
Zellner Brothers, Foxy and the Weight of the World
Duplass Brothers, The Intervention

As if that sterling lineup isn't enough, and not to mention the fact that the night is absolutely free, I have another, more incredible incentive for you to attend. The night will be opening with "The Best Short Film of the 20th Century," a five-minute masterpiece of perfection called I'll Scratch Yours, which must be seen to be believed.

Please visit the Brooklyn Independent site for my program notes and for details on how to get to Barbes. See you all in the Slope next Monday night at 7pm, because that is where all the cool kids are gonna be.

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