Ola Podrida "Photo Booth" Video

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully August 15, 2007 at 6:18AM

Ola Podrida "Photo Booth" Video

After trying just about everything humanly possible to upload a high quality version to YouTube, David and I decided to say fuggit and unleash the "Photo Booth" video upon the masses (i.e., the insular world of music blogs). The natives were getting quite restless, and if I know one thing in this world, it is to give the people what they want. I have to confess, it gave me a little thrill to see my name appear on my favorite music blog, Gorilla vs. Bear, which was the first to go public with the video. Check out his nice posting right here. And here are two more mentions. Thanks, everyone, for getting the word out there. For our money, however, David and I recommend that you go to the Plug Research website, where a few clicks will allow you to watch a larger, much more high res version of the video. That's really where it's at.

The video stars none other than HANNAH TAKES THE STAIRS co-star Todd Rohal, who also made a delightfully inventive movie of his own that everyone needs to see if they haven't already. If all goes well with the DVD release, you'll be able to buy it sooner than later.

Sorry if this seems like shameless self-promotion, but the truth is that I love-love-love the Ola Podrida record and want to spread the word as loudly as I can. Objectively speaking, I consider it to be one of 2007's most beautiful, assured, and fulfilling releases. Also, I've been in house painter mode for what feels like the past several weeks and I'm now coming to terms with the fact that I'm not going to have a feature film shot by the end of this year (more on that later, but this is a good thing, don't worry), so I guess I'm trying to remind myself that I do fun, creative stuff like this every now and then. Maybe I'll even do it again sometime.

What the hell. For all of you especially lazy fools, here it is (but, seriously, go to Plug Research and check it out there)...