One Year Later

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully June 8, 2006 at 5:58AM

One Year Later

Bear with me while I mark one more anniversary with regards to COCAINE ANGEL. At this time last year, Dave Lahn and I were leaving Jacksonville after having shot our last frame of footage. Life is strange.

Tonight--on the very same day as we crossed the Florida line just one short year ago--I gave a phone interview as a feature film director. As for the interview itself, I have to make sure I don't sound like a complete moron before I point y'all in that direction. Life is potentially embarrassing.

I promise to try to curb the "this time last year" reflections. It does no one any good to reflect upon the past, most of all yours truly. I just hope I've met a purty girl by the time September rolls around. If not, when the one-year anniversary of "The Best Week Ever" arrives, it might get pretty ugly around here. Life is magical, then it's gone.

If I can be completely honest, I'm terribly disappointed that I'm not at the Newport International Film Festival ( right now, which is where many of my new friends and acquaintances are (Alex Karpovsky, Erica Dunton, the Nee Brothers, just to name a few). Unfortunately, we didn't make the cut. Boo hoo. Life is cruel.

Though I have to say, as an objective film viewer, I couldn't agree more with the feature films that were selected for inclusion in the Narrative Features program (at least those that I've seen). I'll say it again, I love-love-love FIND LOVE and THE LAST ROMANTIC, and I highly recommend them to anyone who is attending the fest. So I don't think we were inappropriately slighted. You done good, David Nugent. I just wish I was up there to say that to your face. Maybe next year. Life is accurate.

This just means that next Thursday night's screening of THE HOLE STORY in NYC is going to be an even wilder and crazier time, as I've been bottled up for quite some time and it'll be nice to speak to actual humans. There's a groundbreaking concept of an after-party brewing, which you will hear about soon enough. Life is fun.

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