Panda Bear Revolution, Essex Green/Camera Obscura, Sundance Pluggin', Bitch Lessons

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully January 25, 2007 at 6:51AM

Panda Bear Revolution, Essex Green/Camera Obscura, Sundance Pluggin', Bitch Lessons

I know I'm from Maryland, and I'm an indie rock dork, but I have to confess, I didn't really understand everyone's fascination with the Animal Collective until FEELS came out. It's not that I tried very hard, but I had listened to bits and pieces of their earlier works and nothing ever grabbed me. FEELS, on the other hand, impressed me so much that I still listen to it quite frequently. It's a great record.

But that already pales in comparison to Panda Bear's PERSON PITCH. Although it doesn't come out until March 6th and I've only heard three tracks from it so far, I mean it when I say that this album has the potential to become one of the all time greats. Thanks to a few of the supercool music bloggers, I was able to download three tracks, which you need to do RIGHT NOW. Listen to "Comfy in Nautica" first, then check out the others. I can't describe the way this music makes me feel. It's like the tribal chants from THE THIN RED LINE combined with PET SOUNDS combined with some insanely deep magical spirit sent down from the afterlife, or up from the beforelife, or in from the outerlife, or out from the innerlife. It is Pure Human Spirit is what it is, and I am thrilled to have it in my lifelife.

I just got back from the Essex Green/Camera Obscura show at Warsaw. It was my first time going to a show there in all my many years of NYC living. Strange. I got to catch up with the Essex Green kids, who I haven't seen in quite a while (as Chris is living--and engaged!--in Cincinnati). In exchange for putting me on the list, I gave them a sneak-peak copy of SILVER JEW. I hope they like it. Camera Obscura were nice and lovely, though they don't rock my soul they way they do David Nugent's (for the record David, they were very good).

As for Sundance, words can't express how thrilled I am to read the universally gushing praise for Craig Zobel's GREAT WORLD OF SOUND. I told Craig before he left that I had a hunch things would go well, but deep down I worried that the movie might be too smart and not "flashy" enough for Sundance audiences. However, it appears that many people were, in fact, starving for intelligent, excellent, entertaining cinema, and GWOS has all of that and much, much more. If you're still in Park City and you haven't seen it, do dat!

Since GWOS is off and running, it's perhaps time that we focus on LOW AND BEHOLD. I haven't read anything about it, but I feel confident that this film is going to affect people deeply. I'd rather say nothing about it so the viewing experience will be completely untainted, but I will say this: GO SEE LOW AND BEHOLD. And now I will say it again: GO SEE LOW AND BEHOLD. And now I will say it one more time: GO SEE LOW AND BEHOLD.

Lastly, I thought I should share this with you. My family is weird. Very close. Too close, perhaps. But not really. Just very close. Anyway, my mom writes us kids a nightly email informing us of the happenings on Ridgeline Drive in good ol' Mt. Airy. There isn't much to report, but every night we get an update anyway. Truth be told, we love these emails, and I can speak for all of us when I say that there's a genuine sense of loss if one doesn't arrive when we're expecting it (fortunately, that only happens if the internet is down or the nieces are having a sleepover). Last night, my mom informed everyone that she had set up an eye appointment for me when I head down to Maryland for my goddaughter's Christening in a few weeks, and in response, my sister Colleen wrote, "Lasik, bitches!" My mom must not have understood, for she wrote Colleen a message that triggered this amazing response. Schools in session, bitches...

"mom asked me what LASIK BITCHES meant, so allow me to explain the many definitions of Bitches:

used in the above context, bitches simply means y'all with emphasis, you out there, everyone, etc

being someone's bitch means you are spineless, a ho, a slave, etc.

bitches can also be used when referring to wimps, wusses, etc....if the terps had lost tonight, they would have played like a bunch of bitches.

bitches can also be female dogs (this is rarely used in 2007)

most frequently, bitches are female humans who are mean and hate everyone (ie; i am a bitch)

however, bitches can also be your gals, your pals (ie: i went to the movies with my bitches last night)

bitch, bitching can be a verb too (quit your bitching, all i ever do is bitch, etc)

as an adjective, something can be bitchin (and it would be quite good!)

something can also hurt or sting like a bitch (and that wouldn't be good!)

hope this helps, mom. just call me webster (or bitch).............coll"

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