Pardon the Silence

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully December 14, 2006 at 5:53AM

Pardon the Silence

--I just realized something the other day. I haven't been embarrassingly personal on this site in a long, long time. Sorry about that. I'll try to humiliate myself soon, as I know it gets y'all guffawin', but I'm too busy at the moment to do just that. Life has been very hectic lately--which, I suppose, is better than being suicidally unhectic.

--The documentary is officially called SILVER JEW. Hopefully in the coming weeks/months we'll be able to report to you a list of festival screenings, though nothing has been confirmed just yet. Another pass in a few weeks and I think we're picture locked. Hope so, at least. I've already just about lost all perspective. Weird (and scary) how that happens. But the feedback has been quite positive so far, so I feel a general sense of okayness about everything. Though it does make me wonder why I put so much effort into making this stuff if I'm too exhausted to appreciate the positive reactions or be bothered by the negative ones.

--I finished season 3 of "The Wire" the other night. If that isn't the best season of television that has ever been produced, I'd like to see what is. While season 1 took me four episodes to find my groove and season 2 took me a full seven, season 3 was off and running from the giddy up. I would put this up there with THE GODFATHER, I really would. I'm still trying to catch my breath. Omar is my hero.

--I went to the Knicks/Hawks game tonight with some good buddies (ironically, Wingo spotted Bunk on the street out front before we walked inside). Going to a Knicks/Hawks game is not the thing to do for someone who already has an aversion to the NBA. My pick-up game this past Sunday featured better fundamentals. Though I did come up with what might be my greatest idea ever: a shot-for-shot remake of 12 ANGRY MEN starring the original Dream Team (Karl Malone, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, etc.). Listen to what I just said: A SHOT-FOR-SHOT REMAKE OF 12 ANGRY MEN STARRING THE ORIGINAL DREAM TEAM. Can someone explain to me how I'm not a millionaire? Life just doesn't make sense.

--I highly recommend that you get your butt to BAM this week to see Werner Herzog's haunting THE MYSTERY OF KASPAR HAUSER, which is my second favorite Herzog film behind STROSZEK (number three being either EVEN DWARFS STARTED SMALL or THE WHITE DIAMOND). To be completely honest, I choose Herzog's Bruno S. films over the more lauded Kinski collaborations (Kinski was too much of a clown for me to ever take him 100% seriously).

--If everyone were to watch this Herman Dune video every morning when they wake up, the world would be a much brighter place.

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