Peace Out, Debt

by tully
September 4, 2009 4:05 AM
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For the first time in over five years, I am currently staring at a big fat balance of ZERO.ZERO-ZERO on all three of my credit cards. While I knew this moment was going to happen this month, having just hit the "send" button on the final payment, it has now become an actual-factual-concrete-cement-physical reality. The noises outside my window—cicadas, distant sirens, leaves rustling in the breeze—all sound a touch lighter all of a sudden. I made a commitment to myself at the beginning of 2008 that I was going to return to my old responsible behavior, which was mangled into disregard when I made Cocaine Angel and Silver Jew. Independent filmmaking—if you aren't inherently wealthy, that is—breeds forced fiscal irresponsibility. It's funny, though. Part of me feels like now that I'm back at ground zero, I'm ready to take the feature plunge once again. But that isn't going to happen until next summer at the earliest, which is just fine by me. Peace out, debt!

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  • Bryan P | September 8, 2009 8:20 AMReply

    Congrats, dude! You're my hero.

  • Lena | September 5, 2009 5:13 AMReply

    Oh my gosh, I am so happy for you (and sooo jealous. I wish I'd never learned about credit cards as a way to float a filmmaking habit. And my debt ain't even as bad as some I've heard tell of.) Someday! You are a role model.

    As my favorite Plaza-dwelling children's book heroine Eloise said: "charge it, please."

  • tully | September 4, 2009 6:26 AMReply

    One of my lower points as an "adult," Eric. Thanks for reminding me.

  • erichkohn | September 4, 2009 5:19 AMReply

    Congrats, Tully. And you didn't even need to ask for donations!