***Press Release: Inactive Filmmaker Michael Tully Emerges From Retirement***

by tully
February 19, 2009 8:58 AM
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NEW YORK — February 19, 2006.

After a bout of inactivity that would have made Rip Van Winkle proud, filmmaker Michael Tully (Cocaine Angel, 2006; Silver Jew; 2007) has awoken from his coma to join the ranks of active filmmakers once again.

Just over one month ago, Tully, in collaboration with producer Holly Herrick, shot a cinema verite-style documentary in Westminster, Maryland, about one farm family's longstanding tradition: an annual pig slaughter and preparation of meat that will last them through the rest of the year. Tully says that his motivations for making the film weren't to pass judgment on these people for being murderous carnivores. "I love pig sausage," said the newly rejuvenated director/cinematographer. "More importantly, I find this to be a beautiful example of self-sufficiency and the taking of responsibility for the food that one puts in one's mouth. These people know where their food comes from."

When asked about a projected release date for the film, the first project Tully has launched since slithering into a nearly two-year absence from directing to become a film blogger, "I'm not sure. I'm trying to get DIY with this phase in my career. Since my first two features were shot for very little money with no stars on a consumer-based mini-DV camera, I started to get overwhelmed by the Hollywoodness of it all. I'm thinking this time that I might not even log-and-capture the footage. I might just leave it on eight unwatched mini-DV tapes and call it a film. Seems much more DIY that way."

As for future projects, Tully is attached to direct an upcoming web series pilot for Fox starring actor/writer Will Janowitz (The Sopranos). Super Ego captures the eye-widening exploits of gonzo therapist, Dr. Charlie Knight, who is a method shrink of the most outlandish order. "These first five episodes will be spread virally throughout the internet. If it catches on, we hope to turn it into an actual television series. If that happens, I will be forced to abandon all semblances of my current DIY self to become a tan, sunglasses-wearing caricature of myself. I look forward to the challenge!"

But Tully doesn't appear to be done with narrative feature filmmaking either. "I am currently resuscitating an old idea and at this very moment hope to be shooting it in and around Point of Rocks, Maryland, this August/September. It is a vehicle for a man I believe to be one of our country's finest actors, Robert Longstreet (Great World of Sound, Low and Behold). It's a humane drama in which I'm trying to do something that I haven't quite seen before. Taking a truly, horrifically tragic situation and not giving it a happy ending but giving it something much more honest: an okay ending."

No one knows if any of this shit will actually happen, but Tully seems excited nonetheless. "As a blogger, I felt like my life was missing something. Now I know what that something was. It's great to be behind the camera again!"

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  • louis | March 1, 2009 9:33 AMReply

    unleash the beast

  • c mason wells | February 20, 2009 6:09 AMReply

    Tully's got you there, Holly.

  • jt | February 20, 2009 1:16 AMReply

    ..Laredo Records executives are however shocked by this decision. Ever since Tully ok'd the re-release of his 1998 masterpiece 'The grape Jelly Aesthetic', hardcore EncoprEsis fans the world over have been anxiously awaiting a follow-up. 'what's with this FILM shit?' asked one beleagured 'The Mouse Song' lover. 'Ever since 'I Broke out of Jail' changed my worldview forever, I've been hanging by a thread waiting for the next album' said another- 'this is just another blow in a world gone wrong'. Three film projects on the go and not a melodic harmonised whimper in earshot, things look bleak for EncoprEis fans. 'I just take refuge in pressing rewind repeatedly on my cassette player to hear the man sing 'my neighbours fuck more than I THINK about fucking' said Jayeed Thurnstrung, afro-scandanavian founder member of 'Enco-lievable!', the official Michael Tully fan club.

  • tully | February 20, 2009 12:15 AMReply

    Andrew G.,

    "Tully’s reemergence as a director will single-handedly save American independent cinema. Love live mumblecore!"

    What is "mumblecore?" But thank you for your support!

    Holly H.,

    "michael tully, you are a nerd."

    If you are dating someone who is supposedly so nerdy that you would take the time to call him a nerd in front of everyone on his very own blog, yet you also happen to be truly, deeply, madly in love with that so-called 'nerd,' then what does that make you, huh? I'd say that makes you an even BIGGER nerd. :)

  • holly herrick | February 19, 2009 10:25 AMReply

    michael tully, you are a nerd.

  • Andrew Grant | February 19, 2009 9:53 AMReply

    Not since Ingmar Bergman came out of retirement to direct Saraband has a bit of news rocked the film world to its core!

    Tully's reemergence as a director will single-handedly save American independent cinema. Love live mumblecore!