Quiz of the Weekend

by tully
May 16, 2009 2:42 AM
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Don't watch the trailer. Don't investigate further. Based on this poster, please answer the following question and restore some semblance of normalcy to my life:

WTF Is This Movie About

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  • Randall Bobbitt | May 18, 2009 3:18 AMReply

    I have no freakin' idea, but I just love the placement of his heart.

  • A.E. | May 16, 2009 8:58 AMReply

    This is a movie made by markets, about markets.

    As indicated by the poster, the woman's "love/genitals/essence" is for sale. Note the availability indicated by her grip on the heart. The male is of course also for sale, however he is bound to the more limiting product of only his genitals. It's clear by the fact that he is well dressed, happy and generally decent looking that he is quite pleased about and wholly ignorant of his diminished status on the market. His brains or heart or essence are no longer on the auction the block....and for all stupid consumers of this film, particularly the frat-tard nation that will go see it, it's a pleasantly manageable situation where no one really has to do much actual work.

    Ultimately, everyone involved with this film from the creators the viewers to the guys hauling the reels into the theater and later those shilling the discs in the videostore, all of these people and probably many others are also diminished, if not actively punished, by the existence of The Ugly Truth.

    Yet, the thing that made the movie happen was the actual, functional truth inherent in the thing which is that women almost always have an easier time selling themselves and so the message becomes a reecho of the existing message in 2009, namely: Get out there women and sell yourself because it's always a bull market for female genitalia. All you have to do is get over the whole selling your self thing.

    To test my theory watch the viewers numbers and you'll see mostly women go see the movie, tragically.

  • john | May 16, 2009 4:35 AMReply

    hmmm, since it's obviously not a grey's spinoff after her cancer .... girl falls in love with boy ... boy discloses (a node to the crying game) he's a girl [i mean, look where he's holding the heart]