Quotes of the Day: Spirit Awards Edition

by tully
February 24, 2008 2:18 AM
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"Dude I knew they weren't THAT edgy." -- John Maringouin, director of the excruciatingly intense Running Stumbled, texting me back after his loss to Laura Dunn (though we all know how I feel about The Unforeseen so that made it slightly easier to swallow).

Grand Jury Prize:

"Is that how it works?" -- Todd Rohal's dry response to Dunn's admission in her acceptance speech that Terrence Malick called her out of the blue while she was still in film school to pitch her the idea for The Unforeseen. Seriously, is that how it works?

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  • Jennifer | February 25, 2008 7:57 AMReply

    Just wanted to let you know that I finally saw TWBB last night and that you were right in having serious problems with the last act because it was flat-out some of the worst writing and acting I have ever seen attached to such a good film. I don't know what PTA was thinking, but whatever it was, he should just stop. Not only was the writing as purple and campy as General Hospital, Paul Dano was out of his league in the bowling alley, acting up a storm for no reason. Not to mention that Plainview's treatment of his son made no sense. I mean, is it me, or didn't the man love HW? That's what I got from the previous two hours, regardless of how he treated him.