by tully
November 25, 2005 2:36 AM
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THE KARATE KID is a movie very close to my heart. Sayonara, Mr. Miyagi...


Also, one of my favorite New York moments ever was being in The Parlour on the Upper West Side at 7:30 one Sunday morning to watch the Celtic/Rangers match with my friend Keir (after having been out the whole night before). Anyway, after the game--and several more pints--I noticed several loaded Scottish fellows looking at me and talking amongst each other. I thought they were mistaking me for someone else. They were. One of the guys approached with a smile and said, "Eh!" I began trying to explain that I probably wasn't who they were thinking I was, when the guy cut me off. "George Best," he said, in a thick Scottish accent. I didn't know how to respond. Then his eyes lit up even further. "Spittin' fuckin' image!" he said gleefully. I guess with my beard and alcohol-ravaged presence, I reminded them of the guy. They then proceeded to turn the ENTIRE BAR into a singalong to me/George Best. Strange, but funny. Truth be told, in the throes of my hardest, most impressive bender, I didn't come close to George Best on his most sober day. And for that, I salute him...


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  • lou | November 30, 2005 4:36 AMReply

    dear mike,

    my computer wont go to gmail right now but i wanted you to know we'll be in baltimore this friday night at some bookstore called true vine.

    we're going on round 9:30 or 10 but will be in town round 8, hopefully.

    thats all i know.

    I hope you are there.

  • Eric M | November 28, 2005 5:52 AMReply

    Yes my good friend, you are the spitting image of Mr. Best. Don't let anyone tell you different. Similarly, I was watching the Old Firm at Rocky Sullivans in 2001 when I received a similar (7am and drunken Scottish brogue) "LARSSON!" acknowledgment... though I received no accompanying song, It was a good compliment to get as Henrik Larsson, as we all know, is fucking rad...

  • tommy debaser | November 26, 2005 2:35 AMReply

    pleasure reading your blog mate.You have a bestie look about you!be cool!