Road Trip to Charleston

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully May 5, 2006 at 6:16AM

Road Trip to Charleston

I'm over last night's negative rant. I wish the makers of HARD CANDY an explosive box office tally and fourteen-picture deals. I love every film that comes out of Sundance. Lionsgate is very smart to be releasing LEONARD COHEN: I'M YOUR MAN and THE DESCENT. Landmark Theatres have comfy seats and yummy popcorn. Todd and I are good blokes. Or something like that.

In matters of actual positivity, it pleases me to report that best buds R. Craig Zobel (director of the incredibly good GREAT WORLD OF SOUND) and Christof Gebert (mastermind behind the RANDOM SHIT DVDs) are in my house at this very moment. Tomorrow, we wake up and drive down to Charleston to see our good friend Chris Walldorf marry his longtime girlfriend Alexia Paul. Chris is one of those multi-talented types who can direct, edit, and shoot film/video, as well as make wonderful music with his band Pyramid (

Unfortunately, we're driving ten hours down to Charleston tomorrow (South of the Border, here we come!), and are only spending Saturday in Charleston before driving back to MD on Sunday. I have to work, Craig needs to get back, lots of reasons. And while it seems rather silly and unfun to make such a long trek for such a short time, I'm looking more forward to it than you could imagine. Just the thought of being near Chris and Craig after such a long absence makes 95 and long distance driving seem like a supercool roller coaster ride.

I hope all of you have as wonderful a weekend as I plan on having.


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