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Not really, but it sure feels that way to me. Today is July 5, 2011, which marks the one-year anniversary from when we started shooting Septien. It's gloriously unfathomable to comprehend just how quickly this film was turned around. Here's a trusty guide to letting you know what's happening this week...


Thanks to Cristina Cacioppo at 92YTribeca, at 8pm a 16mm print of the unheralded made-for-TV gem Bad Ronald (1974)—a very roundabout inspiration for Septien—will be rolling through the projector before my disbelieving eyes. Bad Ronald is a movie I watched all alone at a way too young age, and it left a deep impression on me. I highly recommend joining in on tonight’s fun. Don’t forget: Alcohol is sold at this theater so you can get your buzz on to Buzz Kulik’s creepily strange movie!

Buy tickets RIGHT HERE.


Septien opens at the IFC Center! We will definitely be doing a Q&A after the 8pm show, so if you were planning to support the film on Wednesday, this might be the best one to attend (I will probably introduce the 9:50pm one but I’m not sure about that just yet). More importantly, from 9pm to midnight, just a few blocks away, in a bona fide SoHo gallery space, we will be having our opening night party, featuring all of Onur Tukel’s insane artwork from the film! And, yes, there might even be deviled eggs if the world grants us one final act of mercy.


Not only will Onur’s incredible artwork be disturbing the walls during the opening night party, but it turns out the gallery is being kind enough to keep it up on Thursday and Friday from 11am-8pm. As I didn’t have anything to do with this particular bit of creative insanity, I feel comfortable in highly recommending that you embrace this extremely rare opportunity to check out Onur’s work in such a comprehensive way, as we’re not sure if or when it will ever be displayed like this again. Here’s a cute little video Onur cut together to help spread the word about the gallery showing:


Here’s the part when I turn into the type of desperate person that I hate. But desperate times call for pathetic actions. While we realize that so many of you have already spent time and money either VODing the film, watching it at BAM, or catching it at another film festival somewhere, now is when things get serious. It is incredibly important that we have as financially successful an opening weekend as possible. Even if you aren’t able to attend, perhaps you know someone who might get a kick out of our movie, or maybe you don’t like a particular coworker and know that this movie will send them tailspinning into a confused, angry direction. Please spread the word as widely and loudly as you feel comfortable spreading it!

There will be Q&As after the 8pm showings on both Friday and Saturday nights. Of course, most of you have heard me yap more than enough already—the movie itself is what matters. Which makes every screening worth attending!


Thank you so very much for being so helpful and supportive and all that good stuff. Making movies is such a difficult thing to do. The fact that we are opening theatrically almost exactly one year to the day from when we started shooting is a flat-out miracle. We’ve already exceeded our wildest expectations for Septien, so it seems like why not try to exceed them some more? With your help, we’ll be able to do just that!


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