So Long, Nashville

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully April 25, 2007 at 2:41AM

So Long, Nashville

Up until yesterday, I would have described my trip to the Nashville Film Festival as 'relaxing' and 'nice,' but now I can safely leave this town and say that I had an amazing time.

Our afternoon screening had a better-than-expected turnout, and once I got the ball rolling, people interjected with some actual questions. Kurt from Lambchop was there, and he seemed to enjoy the film very much (for those of you who don't know, Tony Crow and William Tyler are in Lambchop).

Matt and Joe and Greta and I did an impromptu interview/chat for The Documentary Channel, which might not add up to much, but it sure was fun! The Documentary Channel kids are really, really great. And they're looking for content, so if you have any non-fiction shorts/features/anything, get in touch with them and make all your dreams come true!

I caught the gentle, well-executed SMALL ENGINE REPAIR at 7, but it wasn't until the 9:30 screening that the festival launched itself into the stratosphere of ludicrous brilliance. The world premiere of THE URIM AND THUMMIM was one for the ages. The film tells the story of a Southern man who bought a seemingly ordinary trinket at a Nashville Goodwill for sixty-nine cents, only to discover that if you look inside it with just the right lighting, Holy visions appear in glorious Technicolor. They were there for a bizarre, but beautiful, Q&A after. Don't worry, I have pictures, and I'm also going to post a video clip of David Redmon asking a very strange question.

After that madness--as Mr. Korine said through shrieks of laughter, that screening and Q&A could only happen at the Nashville Film Festival--Carol and Jeff and I rushed over to The Basement for a just-announced midnight show with David Rawlings and Gillian Welch. There couldn't have been a more apt culmination to my few days in town. Oh wait, yes there could be. Tonight, Norah Jones is sitting in with them as well. I have the hots for her. Too bad I leave for the airport in ten minutes. But maybe it's better this way. If you do happen to be in Nashville, show up at The Basement around 11:15 to make sure you get inside for what promises to be another great show. Them mofos tore it up last night.

Thanks to everyone in Nashville. It was a really great time. Pictures are on the way once I return to normalcy, but for now, it's on to Boston and the IFFB, where I'm going to finally get to see THE KING OF KONG and many other cool films...

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