So Much For a Slow Day

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully March 16, 2006 at 9:24AM

So Much For a Slow Day

If today is to be considered a 'down' day on my SXSW adventure, I don't know how I'll handle the rest of the trip. Here are the highlights:

A SCANNER DARKLY--I was literally one of the last lucky folks admitted into this afternoon's screening at the Paramount. I don't think I truly appreciated the film in the way that I should have, as exhaustion had put me into a cloudy state. Or was it the Philip K. Dick and funky animation that made me feel so spaced out? Regardless, I found my mind wandering throughout and I never really got pulled into the proceedings, though I want to see it again when it's released in theatres. Another completely indecipherable "review," which is how we like to do things at Boredom At Its Boredest.

AWESOME; I FUCKIN SHOT THAT!--It's strange that just when I thought the film festival was winding down, I experienced the most electrifying screening so far. The audience couldn't help but treat the film as if they were at the actual show, rapping along and bursting into applause after every song. It was really quite thrilling. Then, when Yauch, Ad Rock, and Mike D came out for a Q&A, an extended standing ovation lasted for several minutes. The Q&A found the boys in peak comedic form. Unfortunately, the Q&A found the audience in truly embarrassing form. But it was still a lot of fun. Of course, I forgot to bring my camera with me so I didn't get a visual document of the event. Sorry.

I then rushed over to Eternal to catch the last half of Pink Nasty's set, who is a great gal and put up my sister while she was in town. She and her brother Black Nasty are amazingly talented and are super fun to hang out with. After that, I waited to see Jose Gonzalez, and was pleasantly surprised to receive a text from Of Montreal's resident genius, Kevin Barnes, who was there waiting to see Annie. We had a nice chat and caught some of Annie's set before heading to Emo's, where Of Montreal was playing at midnight. Unfortunately, it was only eleven and I couldn't handle the environment, so I fled for the comfy confines of another movie theatre. Of Montreal are playing like ten shows in the next two days, so I'll catch them at some point. They're playing Urban Outfitters at noon tomorrow!

Which leads us to our final screening of the day:

BEHIND THE MASK: THE RISE OF LESLIE VERNON--I don't know if anyone realizes it, but Maryland is starting to put itself on the cinematic map, yo! This debut film by Maryland native Scott Glosserman brings dignity to the dangerous horror/humor genre. The film begins as a mockumentary about a seemingly everyday man who is about to become a notorious murderer, but before long it becomes an actual expertly crafted slasher film. I would be disappointed if they don't find distribution.

Back to the music festival for a second, if I may. This afternoon, Wingo and I were driving around and it was like some indie rock zombie movie. All these super pale, hyper-stylized hipsters walking around in the harsh light of day. It's funny when you see a certain demographic crammed into a small environment. All of a sudden, their 'distinctness' and 'originality' just seems cartoonishly absurd and generic. Wingo said that these types of festivals make him embarrassed to be a musician. Ha! But even funnier than that was his riff about how when you walk around a film festival you don't necessarily think, "Oh, there's a film festival going on!" Whereas when the musicians come to town...

I just spent about three minutes filling out my brackets. I've never filled them out as spontaneously as I just did. I imagine I'll do as poorly as I always do. I'll save certain future humiliation by not including my picks here. Y'all fools need to pay money to see that shit. Ah, fuggit. Go Zags!

It's four in the morning? Hmm, wonder why I'm so tired. Tomorrow adds college basketball to the mix, and I have to confess, after tonight's quick foray into the music world, I think I might opt out and focus my attention on bball and cinema. I'm picking Ben (Great Lakes) up from the airport tomorrow evening, so it will be really great to see him.

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