"SPECIAL REPORT: Early/Mid-30s: The New Early/Mid-Teens?"

by tully
August 24, 2005 3:52 AM
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I've noticed a strange trend recently with regards to myself and my friends. It seems like everyone has downshifted back into teenagehood.

Though that's not entirely true. Several of my friends are successfully taking that brave step into maturity. For example:

--Tim and Erin just had a beautiful baby boy
--Josh and Ann are about to go on their honeymoon
--Jesse and Julia are about to throw an engagement party

But in the case of my unmarried male friends (as well as my sister Carol, who is regressing at a pace that deserves its own "Frontline" episode), it appears that our adolescent pasts have made a strange reappearance. For example:

--Randy and Dennis just built a half-pipe (www.teendrama.com)
--Ben has also rediscovered the skater that lived within him
--Andrew has dusted off his collection of punk 7"s (www.krucoff.com)
--Buck has become a motocross junky
--Jeff has rediscovered fishing and canoeing

And what about me? Why, I'm living in the same bedroom that I grew up in, spending every evening shooting baskets in the driveway, dreaming pathetic dreams of hitting a game-winning buzzer beater. I might as well box up my iPod and break out my collection of old-school rap tapes.

Ben summed it up best, after I wrote him expressing this very thought. Here is his response:

that's an astute observation. that phenomenon is more pronounced since we were all so grown-up and mature already.

Good point, Ben...

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  • Blanca Franco | August 24, 2005 4:51 AMReply

    No dream is pathetic. I was googling Damian Lahey and had the absolute pleasure of seeing your blog pop up. Pure delight. I myself am heading back to where it all began. I guess sometimes we have to revisit the past to remind us of where we once said we would go.