Summer Rising

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully August 12, 2009 at 7:31AM

Summer Rising

Did it seriously take just under two days of 90-degree weather for the citizens of New York City to start acting a fool? Last night, taking the train home, I witnessed two near fights that were blatant instances of heat frustration. The first battle was notable in that it took place between two religious people who were actually playing for the same team. On the platform of the Atlantic Avenue B/Q stop—based on last summer's late night experiences, this is my own personal ground zero for NYC Summer At Its Most Disgustingly Unbearable—an older fellow was preaching the word of the lord, at which point an annoyed woman starting singing "Amazing Grace" and lecturing him on how to bring actual soul to his presentation. She was pissed that he seemed to be phoning it in without much passion. She didn't seem to realize that he was crazy.

When the train finally arrived, a wide-bodied older man tried to force himself into an end space between the pole and a very muscular, dreadlocked guy. With composed fury, the guy stood up and said, "You wanna sit down? Sit down, then!" At which point the old man showed him some form of ID in his wallet. I quickly grasped that he wasn't a cop, but I couldn't understand what he might be. Either way, the guy wasn't having any of it. Barking back at him, the old man sat down, and the guy stood quietly and patiently, waiting to get off the train (he did a few stops later, responsibly ignoring the old man).

At that stop, a hobo that reminded me of the weird guy who slices his hand near the beginning of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre got on, and proceeded to start inappropriately interacting with the people around him.

I don't know, guys. I realize it got hot there for a few days, but I suggest we all use our imaginations and past experiences to understand that it was as politely 90 degrees as it could be. There was a breeze, the humidity wasn't terrible, it wasn't even mid-90s, etc. It makes me worry about what will happen if (or, more likely, when) we hit a severely hot stretch. I guess at that point I'll suck it up and take a cab like the hotshot that I'm not.