Sundance Must-Sees, Of Montreal Strikes Again

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully December 1, 2006 at 6:04AM

Sundance Must-Sees, Of Montreal Strikes Again

Congratulations to all those who will be heading to Park City this year. I'm fortunate enough to have already seen two of the Spectrum films, both of which I consider to be absolute must-sees: Craig Zobel's GREAT WORLD OF SOUND and Zack Godshall's LOW AND BEHOLD. You heard it here first. While the rest of the indie film community is going gaga over the star-studded competition films, I highly suggest you buck that trend and seek out these truly independent gems. I won't go overboard in my horn tooting right now, but I will later. I would, however, like to mention that both of these films feature my favorite living actor, Robert Longstreet, who couldn't deliver a false note if he tried. I'm slightly overloaded at the moment trying to pay the rent and finish the Silver Jews doc, but my next agenda is writing my very own Longstreet vehicle, tentatively titled ROCK BOTTOM (think SCARECROW meets CALIFORNIA SPLIT).

Most individuals, however talented, lose their spark and ambition when suffering through a crippling depression. But most individuals, however talented, aren't geniuses like Kevin Barnes. What did Kevin do when his moment of darkness arrived? Oh, he only wrote and recorded his best album yet. Of Montreal's "Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?" is the work of an artist at the peak of his powers. It is staggeringly good. I'm sure David Byrne and Beck are shaking their heads in awe at this thing. It doesn't come out until January 23rd, but you can stream it here right now. Which you should do immediately. It will make your Friday one thousand times more alive.

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