Sunday at SXSW (aka, The Funnest Day Ever)

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully March 12, 2007 at 3:15AM

Sunday at SXSW (aka, The Funnest Day Ever)

Is everyone having as much fun as I'm having? I hope so. Yesterday was... wow. Even the rain couldn't stop us. Thank you so very much to everyone who turned the SILVER JEW screening into what felt like a minor moment (and congrats to Jeff and Jimmy!). I apologize for our film's awful sound. I didn't want to be a dick and stop the film, so I let it slide, but I am going to do my best to make sure the blown out whatever-the-fuck-it-is issue is fixed by Wednesday. My heart goes out to Nate Meyer, whose world premiere had heartbreakingly, almost unbearably, bad sound projection. Fortunately, PRETTY IN THE FACE is such a tender, affecting work that it didn't ruin the screening. That said, if I were Nate, I wouldn't screen the film unless I had an assurance that the problem would be handled. But I'm sure these guys will do what needs to be done. The SXSW staff is on point.

Sorry for venting, but our tiny films have enough strikes against us production-wise. We don't need any more help in that regard. As for the good side, there's too much to recount right now. Watching Nate introduce his film to a filled theatre nearly made me cry. The Zellner/Duplass showdown was hilarious and awesome (I mean that in the playground sense of the word). "The Intervention" is one of my favorite short films ever (and now the Zellners' "Foxy" one is on that list as well). I acted like a babbling nerd when I met Jay and Mark last night. I hope they aren't scared of me now.

The premiere of HANNAH was even more perfect than I hoped it would be. Mr. Dentler's introduction of Joe couldn't have been more lovely, and the film played exactly how I knew it would when we watched it in my apartment last fall. HANNAH TAKES THE STAIRS is the experiment gone right, one of the most accurate portraits of "that girl" that the screen has ever seen. The young, fiery, beautiful, confused pretty girl who makes you want to stuff your head inside an oven because you want her so bad but you know that you can't have her, because she can't even have herself. That beautiful, screaming confusion. Congratulations to Joe, Greta, Kent, Ry, Kevin, Andrew, Todd, Tipper, Anish, Kris, and the rest of the crew. You guys did it!

I also managed to finally meet a whole pocket of the NYC film crew that had somehow eluded me up to this point. We're friends now, guys, whether you like or not.

Today brings WHO LOVES THE SUN AT NOON, which I've been dying to see for some time now. At four o'clock, it's Aaron Katz's QUIET CITY. I have to say, the thought of seeing myself on the big screen is hilarious, but hopefully it won't distract from my appreciation of the overall film. I'll be professional about it, don't worry. It's only for a little bit. (Oh yeah, speaking of me on camera, tune in to IFC at 9 tonight. I think they'll be airing a 60-second spot that I shot with Matt Singer on Saturday. Those IFC kids are really nice--and they throw great parties too. Who reads this at IFC who has the power to purchase a film? My gut tells me that IFC is where SJ belongs.)

I would like to conclude by ordering everyone to check out GREAT WORLD OF SOUND at 9 tonight at the Alamo Lamar. I can't wait to see it in front of an enthusiastic audience. Your only excuse is that you're checking out ORPHANS at the Convention Center, which I will be seeing later this week. Let's have some more fun, everyone!

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