SUPERBAD, Or, How Michael Cera is Where It's At

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully August 20, 2007 at 8:32AM

SUPERBAD, Or, How Michael Cera is Where It's At

Here is an objective, matter-of-fact list of what I consumed this weekend (Saturday and Sunday). Is it just me, or is this is pretty majorly unhealthy? Or maybe I'm just being insecure. I dunno. You tell me...


10 piece buffalo wings (celery, carrots, blue cheese), 20oz. bottle 7Up, small bag peanut M&Ms, pulled pork sandwich, french fries, can of root beer, glass of lemonade Gatorade... (thus concludes Saturday)... apple, glass of lemonade Gatorade, two chocolate frosted donuts, one coffee Coolata, three cups coffee (with LOTS of sugar), one tall Hefeweissen, one medium popcorn (salt, no added butter), s-e-v-e-r-a-l more Hefeweissen, half of one Tecate can.

The fact that I played tennis for an hour and fifteen minutes with Jane doesn't matter, does it? No, I don't think that it does.

But why am I talking about that? Let us discuss SUPERBAD, the most pressing pop culture topic of conversation at the very moment...

SUPERBAD is superfuckinfunny. No question about that. I worry that I was a tad too overhyped and the thing felt much too sitcom-y for my tastes (it's your fault, Nate Meyer!), but the fact remains that I laughed my ass off and loved almost every single minute of it. Everyone I know who's seen it has focused their gushing attention on Michael Cera, who is on a completely different planet when it comes to the art of comic delivery. Kevin Bewersdorf said it best when he pointed out Cera's eyes and how his seemingly subtle glances and looks and whatevers are remarkably rare. They're indescribable, really. You don't direct that behavior. You cast an incredibly gifted young man and let him take it to a whole 'nother level. I want to see a Danny McBride/Michael Cera buddy movie. That would be like nothing the world has ever witnessed. It would be like a new human language. Let's make that happen, someone!

Until that does become a reality, I would like to point you in the direction of an early Michael Cera short, directed by Matthew Lessner, whose BY MODERN MEASURE might very well end up on my top ten list of 2007. Mr. Lessner's short is called DARLING DARLING, and it finds Cera in the mysterious zone between ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT and SUPERBAD. But as bizarre as the plot is, no one can deny that it is Michael Cera doing his Michael Cera thing. If you are even somewhat intrigued by Michael Cera--and if you're not don't bother trying to think that anything is funny--check out DARLING DARLING on iTunes. It will make you a more enlightened, entertained, baffled, impressed, intrigued, confused, and better person. Seriously, it will.

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