Thank You, Rotterdam

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully January 28, 2006 at 11:11AM

Thank You, Rotterdam

Last night justified all the hard work more than I could have ever dreamed. A packed theatre, with the best technical presentation possible. It sounded and looked like a real movie!

It was absolutely packed. People were spilling into the theatre even like ten or fifteen minutes into the film, which was kinda frenzied and cool at first, then became a teensy bit annoying.

I don't think there can/will ever be a better technical presentation than last night's. It was in the Rotterdam multiplex. Marvelous image, impeccably loud and three-dimensional sound. I have NO technical complaints. And I LOVE to complain, as y'all well know! Really, no matter what happens, I will forever be indebted to Gertjan and the rest of the Rotterdam staff. These are truly film-loving, pleasant folks, and I'm honored that they allowed us to show our film here for the very first time. Thank you so much, guys!

Afterwards, at least 60% or more stayed for the Q&A, and I think Damian and I came off well enough.

Hope I'm not completely delusional about all of this, but in my heart I really feel like it can't get better than last night. I guess only time will tell. We'll see how filled up/responsive today's screening is. Of course, beautiful European women weren't throwing themselves at our feet, but if that's the only negative I can come up with, that's a pretty good sign!

Kids, I highly recommend getting off your asses and making a movie. Hard work does pay off. I just hope we can keep up the positive momentum.

More to come, don't worry...

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