"The American Astronaut" Has Landed

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully February 21, 2005 at 4:49AM

"The American Astronaut" Has Landed

Cory McAbee is one fine, distinguished gentleman. In addition to writing some bizarrely brilliant music (www.billynayer.com), he has also directed a bizarrely fantastic motion picture. "The American Astronaut" is like Jim Jarmusch directing a musical version of "Eraserhead." Actually, that's too limiting a description. It's somehow even weirder than that.

After years of hauling the film from town to town, Cory and the fine gentlemen at Brainbox Productions (www.brainbox.tv) have finally decided to make the leap to DVD. In conjunction with the home video release, Cory will be touring the country and performing/speaking at several of the release parties. Go here to find out where and when, and then go to the parties--www.americanastronaut.com. The first event is tomorrow night at the AFI Silver in D.C., so just be sure not to miss it when it comes to your town.

(Also, go here: www.guatemalanhandshake.com. Todd Rohal is one of the gifted fellows who helped to make the "American Astronaut" DVD the special product that it is. He also happens to be a brilliantly twisted filmmaker in his own right. His debut feature, "The Guatemalan Handshake" (don't bother asking, they don't know either) features the multi-talented Mr. McAbee, as well as Bonnie "Prince" Billy himself, Will Oldham. Watch the trailers on the website. Seriously. Right fucking now. WOW!!!)

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