The Finish Line in Sight???

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully December 29, 2005 at 1:37AM

The Finish Line in Sight???

Well, I've done just about all I'm going to do with the sound in COCAINE ANGEL. I think we're there, actually! Like everything in this production, "if we only had" thoughts have been replaced with the reality of "do what needs to be done." Somehow, I think accepting (and embracing) that concept is why the film is being received so well. Or the delusion continues to guide me into oblivion. Either way, I made the necessary fixes and added some spice to the proceedings. Just very tame, minor spice.

Colleen and I are heading south today to drop off the drive with the lovely folks at Legion Production Services in Wilmington, NC (, where color correcting is going down. Then it's off to Nashville for New Year's. After that, I drop off Colleen in Charleston and hang out there for a few days (Kickin' Chicken, look out), at which point I pick up the drive and head back up to Virginia to get a master digi-beta (PAL) output and put that fucker in the mail (hopefully by the 8th of January).

And then I take off the sound editor/director/whatever hat and Damian and I put on our buffoonish publicist's helmets. Too bad I don't know where to begin with that inconsequentially consequential business.

Close-close-close. Cross your fingers for me, y'all. We're... almost... there...

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