by tully
November 21, 2006 6:12 AM
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Congratulations to Todd Rohal for winning Best Director, in addition to THE GUATEMALAN HANDSHAKE sharing the Special Jury Prize, at the 2006 Torino Film Festival. More proof that sometimes one must take their film outside the good ol' U.S.A. for it to be properly received and appreciated. Vai Italia! Vai Rohal!

I saw FAST FOOD NATION last night, and while I was admittedly exhausted to the point of near delusion after a busy-busy weekend (note to readers: I am not a DP, though I tried my hardest, I really did), I'm confident that had I been wide awake it still would have put me to sleep. It felt like a first pass to me. Too long, too unfocused, and too lazy. Or am I missing something? I like aimless meandering and movies about nothing, but I don't know. It felt like it was tossed together in one afternoon.

I'm really, really, really, really tired right now. Too busy trying to pay the rent to get the Silver Jews doc finished, and not nearly enough time to prepare my Best Photo Blog Ever from last weekend in Wilmington. But I promise I'll get to it before the year ends. So very much to do, so very little time.

One week until Swan Lake's BEAST MOANS drops. I can't wait. For now, I will satisfy myself with the lovely music of Baltimore's own Beach House. Listen to the track "Saltwater," which contains this sad, lovely lyric:

***Love you all the time
Even though you're not mine***

Amen, Beach House. I know how you feel.

In other music news, I finally got my hands on the new Joanna Newsom record, YS, which I plan to give a listen to while painting tomorrow. The first two tracks I heard a few weeks ago were quite disappointing to my hear buds, yet I won't make any firm judgments until I listen to it all the way through.

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  • David Lowery | November 21, 2006 9:08 AMReply

    I, also, feel very mixed about Fast Food Nation. I love Richard Linklater, but I feel that he missed the fine line between artfully rough-around-the-edges and just plain incomplete.

    By the way, thanks for the shout-outs a few posts down!

  • Mark Rabinowitz | November 21, 2006 7:49 AMReply

    You're dead right about FFN. It felt like an assembly edit to me.