THE HOLY MODAL ROUNDERS (And Much, Much, Much More!) This Week In NYC

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THE HOLY MODAL ROUNDERS (And Much, Much, Much More!) This Week In NYC

In our current world, times are quite complexicated when it comes to theatrical distribution for independent films. In New York City, at least ten new films a week are released in theaters (sometimes close to twenty!), a staggering and daunting concept to consider for both the filmmaker and film viewer. So how does one stand out in such a constipated, overstuffed landscape? How about turning your film's one-week theatrical run into an all out multimedia extravaganza! Which is exactly what Paul Lovelace and Sam Wainwright Douglas, the directors of THE HOLY MODAL ROUNDERS... BOUND TO LOSE, have chosen to do.

Taking his cue from tireless self-distributors David Redmon and Ashley Sabin (MARDI GRAS: MADE IN CHINA, KAMP KATRINA, the upcoming INTIMIDAD), with a splash of Todd Rohal (THE GUATEMALAN HANDSHAKE) thrown in for good measure, Lovelace has recruited a parade of forces to turn each night into its own distinct event, filled with introductions, short films, and post-film musical performances by a crazy great lineup (which I have posted below).

I would recommend you support the theatrical run of THE HOLY MODAL ROUNDERS... BOUND TO LOSE even without all of these bonus perks, because the film itself is an enlightening, entertaining, and unexpectedly complex depiction of what it means to be an artist. If you've never seen Peter Stampfel play live, I hereby order you to attend one of the performances. The man has a rare musical gift and a perspective like no one else. It'll be the best ten dollars you'll spend all week.

This isn't just a win-win situation, it's a win-win-win situation. Not only will you be seeing a great film and discovering (or re-discovering) a lost chapter of musical history, you'll be supporting independent filmmakers who are creating an entirely new approach to going to the movies. Events like these need our support. I will see you there.



Musical Introduction: Jeffrey Lewis and The Jitters
with Short Film: "The Godz" directed by Jud Yalkut
(special intro by Paul Thornton of The Godz)

After Screening Party & Live Music Performance
Peter Stampfel & Jeffrey Lewis and The Jitters (featuring a mini-Godz
set with Paul Thornton)
at Anthology Film Archives
Performance $8
Open Bar with Music Ticket. 21 & over.

Recent Addition!
At 2:30 PM "Play On John: A Life in Music" 52 minutes screening
with "The High Lonesome Sound" 30 minutes

John Cohen's fingerprints and influence have been felt, seen and heard
throughout the world of traditional American Folk Music. Long
believed to be the inspiration of the Grateful Dead's classic song,
Uncle John's Band, "Play on John: A Life in Music," tells the story of
this remarkable individual and true American treasure. He is a modern
renaissance man - musician, painter, documentary filmmaker, print
maker and photographer. The documentary features rare footage of Bob
Dylan, an interview with legendary folk singer Pete Seeger and
showcases Cohen's involvement with the people and personalities of The
Beat Generation. The film is narrated by playwright, screenwriter,
actor and musician Sam Sheppard, who is also a member of Cohen's band,
The Velocity Ramblers. Play on John: A Life in Music will make its
worldwide television premiere in 2008 on Smithsonian Channel.

Screening with "Play on John" is John Cohen's landmark film "The High
Lonesome Sound" featuring Roscoe Holcomb in what is widely considered
one of the finest documentaries ever made about folk music.

Before "Bound to Lose": Introduction by John Cohen
with Short Film: "End of an Old Song" directed by John Cohen

After Screening: Live Music performance World Debut of
The End of the World Banjo Band (featuring Peter Stampfel, John Cohen
& friends)
at Anthology Film Archives
Performance $8

Before Screening: Short films by William Ferris

After Screening: Live Music performance
The Velocity Ramblers (featuring Peter Stampfel, John Cohen, Sam
Shepard, Walker Shepard, Pat Conte & Betty Berkin)
at Pianos - 158 Ludlow St
4PM & 10PM

MONDAY 12/10
Introduction: Robert Christgau (legendary music writer)
with Short Film: "Robert Christgau: Rock n' Roll Animal" directed by
Paul Lovelace

Introduction: Lenny Kaye (Patty Smith band)
with Short Films: "The Fugs" directed by Ed English and "Mirror
Abstractions" directed by Harry Smith

with Short Film: "President Nixon's Inaugural Address 1969" directed
by Kevin Rafferty

After Screening: Live Music The Muscular Christians
at Parkside Lounge 317 E. Houston St

Introduction: Peter Stampfel of the Holy Modal Rounders & Gary Lucas
with rare Holy Modal music videos

After Screening: Live Music
Rare performance by the legendary Du-Tels (Peter Stampfel/Gary Lucas)
at Bowery Poetry Club – 308 Bowery

The filmmakers would like to thank the Village Voice as a
participating sponsor of our live music events.

Michelangelo Antonioni's "Zabriskie Point" 1970
Written by Sam Shepard during the recording of The Holy Modal
Rounders' album "The Moray Eels meet The Holy Modal Rounders"

On Friday December 7th at 12:00AM Peter Stampfel and Jeffrey Lewis
will appear on Bob Fass's Radio Unnameable on WBAI.
99.5 FM in New York City and streaming at

Then on Wednesday December 12th Peter Stampfel and the filmmakers will
appear on The Leonard Lopate Show on WNYC.
93.9 FM in New York City and streaming at

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