The Lifetime Network Presents A Made-For-Television Movie Event: "Breakdown in Maryland: A Melodrama

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The Lifetime Network Presents A Made-For-Television Movie Event: "Breakdown in Maryland: A Melodrama

The following transcriptions are taken from two voicemails my dad received yesterday evening, which were left by my terribly distraught mother. The first was left accidentally, while the second was a direct plea for help. I think the dialogue speaks for itself, but I'll establish the setting before we begin.

We are safely parked on the shoulder of a highway at about 5:30pm on a bright and sunny Tuesday evening between Frederick and Mt. Airy, Maryland. Someone had just pulled over and approached my mom"s car asking if she needed help. Here is her response:

"This car died on me... The car died on me... I took the government car home... I'm supposed to go to the Eastern Shore tomorrow... So, I just, I just called my husband, I think he's on his way... ya know... I need to call, I guess, a tow truck, but, uh... I don't know ... I think I need to call Buzzard's there on Route 40... for this car... So, I don't know, I'm okay, though... He'll be comin'... He's supposed to be comin' from home and he should be here any minute... I appreciate ya stoppin' though... Okay... Okay, thanks a lot... Okay.”

A LONG PAUSE, followed by a DEEP EXHALE, then this:

"Lord help me, Jesus, God, Pleeeeease."

About twelve seconds later, he received this message:

"Hey, it's me again, I'm hopin' you're gonna be here soon... Some guy from State Highway just stopped to see if I needed any help, but I told him that you were on your way... And I'm scared to death... Cars are just BLOWIN’ by me with these big TRUCKS... And um... So, anyway... I don't know why you aren't pickin' up... I have to keep leavin' messages here... I was scared when the guy stopped, then I realized he was State Highway and I guess it was okay... But anyway... I hope you'll be here soon... Bye."


My dad arrived eleven minutes later to pick up my mom, then a tow truck arrived to take the car to Buzzard’s.


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