The New Film (Is Closer To Being Done)

By tully | "Boredom at Its Boredest" by Michael Tully October 21, 2010 at 1:24AM

The New Film (Is Closer To Being Done)

Back in 2003 (at least I think it was 2003), when I was asked by the cool kids at indieWIRE to start my own weblog, I was quite honored. At the time, I was just a movie-watching nerd who had big dreams of being a writer/director. It would take a few more years before I finally got off my arse and made a feature film (Cocaine Angel). This blog became an unintentional diary that chronicled that process from production to post-production to its life on the festival circuit. Since then, the indieWIRE blog network has continued to explode as they rope in heavy hitter after heavy hitter. While I'm technically still part of that network, my full-time job of overseeing has taken up just about all of my writerly time. Combine that with an increasing desire to not be as embarrassingly forthcoming about personal matters, and Boredom At Its Boredest has seen a steep drop-off in posts. Sorry about that, devoted reader(s).

This also ties into my sarcastically conceived TAKE-BACK Manifesto, wherein I was actually sincere about expressing my distaste for those who over-publicize films that aren't even done yet and, in many cases, aren't even made yet.

For the record, my new film isn't "done" yet. But it has been made. I'm honestly not sure if the plan I'm figuring out as I'm typing this is going to make it past this initial post, but part of me wants to rekindle that spirit of yesteryear and turn this blog back into the diary/journal of an independent filmmaker. So let's get up to speed...

— (Yet To Be Finalized Title) was shot in Nashville, Tennessee, from July 5-20.
— A first cut was assembled by editor Marc Vives between August 15th and September 15th. That landed at around 105 minutes.
— Some fine tuning was done to that cut to get it to 93 minutes, which is when we had our first official "test" screening with a few very trusted eyes.
— Based on that, as well as a few more test runs, we now have the film down to 83 minutes. This is close to my initial goal of making a 79-82 minute movie. Though believe me when I say that we are not cutting for time or forcing this film to be anything but what it is. At the very moment, it simply appears that my gut instinct/hope is proving to be close to correct.

Up to this point, I have stuck to my guns and not submitted a DVD to any festival, even though many suggested I suck it up and do that. But based on the changes we've made in the past five days, I am so, so, so very thankful that we haven't sent it out yet. But I now finally feel like we're getting much closer to where we're ultimately going to be. To that end, I have arranged for a hearty test screening this evening in which we present the cut to 40 or so people in an actual screening room. I want to pretend that the cut we're watching was dropped in the mail yesterday to very important festivals, even though it wasn't. This will give us a week of more fine tuning before we do finally send it off to be considered by those powers-that-be. Based on how the screenings have gone so far, and based on our own feelings about the film, I do think we're finally over the hump and getting close. Tonight will be scary but incredibly helpful. Provided I stick with the above suggested plan, I'll let y'all know how it goes...

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