by tully
August 6, 2007 1:16 AM
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It is almost a year to the day before Columbia Pictures will be releasing THE PINEAPPLE EXPRESS, but David Green showed a small group of friends the most up-to-date cut yesterday afternoon. I don't want to deliver any spoilers, but I feel that I must write about it. This is the almost exact same cut that the audience will be watching at Tuesday night's test screening, so I'm very interested to read the comments on Ain't It Cool News that will almost certainly begin posting on Wednesday. Here are a handful of reviews from the first test screening, which apparently went really, really well. Now that I've seen it, I know why.

THE PINEAPPLE EXPRESS is absolutely fucking h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s. David seemed insecure that the only audience for this thing was 20-year-old dudes who smoke pot, but that isn't the case at all. At least if you take yesterday's reaction. I actually think it's somewhat groundbreaking in the way that it riffs on the action genre without parodying it outright. That's because there's a grounded humanity to the characters, even while they are doing completely preposterous, absurd shit. And they are doing some completely preposterous, absurd shit.

Another reason I'm convinced this film will transcend that limited audience and will actually have some major female appeal is James Franco, who's performance is absolutely incredible. I can't remember the last time I watched a movie in which a mere cut to a close-up of a character's reaction elicited laughs the entire time. I doubt the Academy will see fit to nominate his performance, but I'm not kidding when I say that he has my vote for Best Supporting Actor of 2008.

And then there's Danny McBride. I simply cannot believe some of the things that came out of this dude's mouth. Chris Gebert was right in saying that people will be quoting his character for years. It's no wonder that he's the new toast of Hollywood. After watching HOT ROD on Saturday and being disappointed that he never got to let loose even a little bit (well, maybe a very little bit), it was exhilarating to see him in a movie where his genius was allowed to unleash itself. I can't convey just how funny Danny is in this movie.

David Gordon Green has a major hit on his hands. He's the perfect director for this particular job, contrary to what many people might think. It's funny reading the Ain't It Cool News talkbacks where everyone seems to think that David sits around all day watching depressing dramas and has no appreciation for any other genre. Watching THE PINEAPPLE EXPRESS will establish just how talented--and funny--he is.

I guess I'll stop writing about this before I give something away. There's also no real need to point out my suggestions for trimming (it's at 1:52 now but they're hoping to get it down to 1:45). We took care of that yesterday. All I can say is that I am so glad that I got to see this thing, and I can confirm that it is funnier than I hoped it would be. I cannot wait to see it with an eager audience. I guarantee there will be applause and standing ovations. THE PINEAPPLE EXPRESS rocks!

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  • tully | August 10, 2007 6:01 AMReply

    i don't even need to address your comment, Oakley, but i will. for my money, the fact that David will have SNOW ANGELS and PINEAPPLE EXPRESS coming out within months of each other is an achievement like no other. life is long. why can't you make a funny movie and then make a sad one? why can't you make a huge-budgeted romp and then make a small-budgeted sad little poem? or should David be like Wes Anderson and keep making the same movie over and over? is that being a true artist? David is taking the necessary steps to ensure that he will one day have complete and total autonomy on whatever scale he so chooses. he isn't turning his back on anything. i personally recommend everyone see both SNOW ANGELS and PINEAPPLE EXPRESS. does it have to be one or the other? they're both fucking phenomenal, and put together they're even better.

  • Oakley | August 9, 2007 8:38 AMReply

    What a waste of talent. Rather see Snow Angels.
    How does someone make movies like GW and ATRG and squelch that artistic impulse in order to shoot-for-hire some middlebrow comedy from the mind of the doofus who wrote Superbad? Who is encouraging him to make a movie like this and for what reason? GW and ATRG were beautiful, funny movies. I already knew DGG was funny, but know he's going to have to cut out the beauty if he wants to make more movies like this. And I don't need to see it in order to feel this way. Just looking at the stills from this movie lets me know that it certainly doesn't look like a DGG movie, and the way he shot his other movies was part of their brillance. I used to think that DGG going to be the best of the new generation of filmmakers, a step ahead, maturity-wise, of Paul Thomas Anderson. But it looks like they've switched places. DGG is making crass, quick buck comedies for the educated frat boy and PTA is making There Will Be Blood. Oh well, I guess we all gotta eat and live in large houses and drive nice cars, huh?

  • Sujewa | August 8, 2007 11:05 AMReply

    off topic

    Hey Mike,

    Here's the latest re: the NYC iW bloggers meeting that me & Eug & a few others are planning:

    Thu 8/23, 9 PM ish start time, and we need a bar suggestion; near Apple Store SoHo

    check it out, think about it, let me know.


    - sujewa

  • Mark Rabinowitz | August 6, 2007 6:35 AMReply

    Dude! SO PSYCHED to see this movie!

  • wells | August 6, 2007 4:50 AMReply

    DMcB's throwaway, clearly improvised HOT ROD line 'Pools are great at holding water' is the funniest thing I've heard in a mainstream comedy in years.

  • Adam Bailey | August 6, 2007 3:16 AMReply

    Hm. This is pretty exciting post review. Having just seen Snow Angels at BAM, I am convinced that David is just getting started.